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ISSUE 121 VOL 20 PUBLISHED 5/9/2008


Film retells canine tale

Any history buff who has read this far is probably consumed with indignation by now. And rightly so.

'Iron Man' delivers

If you're a comic book aficionado, the last few years have been like the second coming for you. It seems like every comic book franchise has made a resurgence via Hollywood. Since Batman underwent a grown-up makeover, everyone from Ghost Rider to Superman has tried to get in on the action, with mixed results. On one hand, you have the dismal failure that was "Daredevil," which was replete with a Ben Affleck / Jennifer Garner fight sequence on a teeter-totter in a children's playground. But sometimes, the formula is just right. Look at "Batman Begins," or, as of last weekend, "Iron Man." You can't help but like "Iron Man;" it's got a lot of great fight sequences, cool gadgetry and more general panache than you know what to do with.

Cataloging prof crushes

David Lee Roth summed up the problem most eloquently: "I think of all the education that I missed / But then my homework was never quite like this / Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad / I'm hot for teacher." Since time immemorial, undergraduates have often found themselves enamored with their professorsand not just intellectually. Let's face it: college professors can be a pretty talented bunch. Some are accomplished scholars, fantastic teachers or excellent mentors. Some are also sexy.

Expiration Dating

Even in the midst of looming finals, it's hard not to think about the prospect of getting it on. Perhaps you've been eyeing someone all year, and now that you're about to graduate, the desire is burning in your loins. Maybe you have an old love to rekindle, or a relationship that needs a little spicing up. Or perhaps you just have the spring-becoming-summer hornies and just want to make out with someone. Either way, the campus is rampant with sexual energy.

Blue skies and freedom abound: Spending the summer in Northfield

Though the Cannon River gushes with black crappies and bass as fisherpersons swell to its sides, the St. Olaf campus runs dry in the summer save a handful of souls floundering for summer flings and summer fun. The mood on campus is low-key, the scenery is blooming, and the weather is the answer to your most frigid dreams. Ahh yes! Right? Thing is, what on earth is there to do when Northfield is your summer home?

Slow economy impacts art graduates

While the declining economy has not yet had an effect on the patronage and sale of art, and while the future is anyone's guess, no end is in sight for artists. The predominant reason anyone chooses a major in the arts or to pursue a career in a creative field is because of a passion for art and creativity -- and the economy isn't bad enough to stop these passions.

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