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ISSUE 121 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/9/2007


From Regular Guy to Rock Guy: The Guitar Hero Story

The half-sized, plastic guitars packaged with the "Guitar Hero" games, with their big, primary color buttons, might have more in common with Playskool than Metallica, but they've become a pop culture icon since the first "Guitar Hero's" release.

Disorder explored

As the days grow shorter and darker, St. Olaf students invariably start to feel increasingly tired, gain a little weight and notice bouts of the blues. However, there is a small group of individuals on campus who are more affected by the change of seasons.

Wayward Hayward visits the Pause

For the past couple of years, the Pause has been absolutely on fire when it comes to booking really good bands for their weeknight concerts, and this year is no exception. On Thursday, Nov. 15, Hayward Williams will be stopping by on his way to Chicago.

Sex on the Hill: Non-linear Relationships

Say you're going to dinner with one of your friends. It might be platonic, it might be a date, it might be a convenient dinner for both of you - you're not quite sure.

Quarterback Club not worth joining

The Q.B. Club's menu has the variety of a family restaurant, but the setup is more like a fast food joint.

Bathroom hideaways

I set out for Buntrock Commons to find the most prime restroom real estate.

Ole Villains satirize

At the beginning of this semester, several current and former students donned pseudonyms and emerged from their online lair as Olevillains - antagonists and disrupters of the status quo.

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