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ISSUE 121 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/30/2007


How to Conquer Standardized Testing

If you find yourself getting disheartened or overwhelmed, just remember: once you get through this, you really won't have to take any more standardized tests ever again.

M.I.A.'s technicolor tights captivate crowd

It's 10:30 a.m., the first day of Thanksgiving break, and I cannot move out of my bed. This is not St. Olaf stress fatigue.

Sex on the Hill: Sex: Like a Fine Wine

We all know what it's like to talk to our parents about sex. They talk to us about our changing bodies around age 12, and start giving us books and pamphlets a few years later. I believe I received one called "Sex, God and You."

Over the hill on the Hill

It is relatively rare that a member of St. Olaf faculty or staff is willing to get down in the trenches. It takes guts to live in the dorms, and, perhaps more importantly, to shower in them once you've grown accustomed to the outside world.

Hallmark holidays exclude

As a kid, there were two things that I never wanted to find under the tree Christmas morning: clothes and Christmas cards. I wanted something cool, something that made noise, something that I could maybe hit my little brother with, but never sweaters or anything that said Hallmark on it.

Silver screen lights up the holidays

When the hustling of the shopping malls has gotten to your head and your relatives are bustling all up in your grill, the holiday season offers you an $8 vacation from the madness: the movies.

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