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ISSUE 116 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2003

Arts and Entertainment

Requiem comes up roses

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Duruflé and Benjamin Britten are all composers whose requiem masses are among their best-known works. To that list we can now add current St. Olaf student Jocelyn Hagen ‘03, whose 40-minute opus for choir and orchestra, "Ashes of Roses," debuted in Boe Chapel on Sunday.

All she wants to do is dance...with boys

One of the main problems that St. Olaf’s ballroom dancingclub has been facing is a lack of male student participation. Unfortunately, when male participation dwindles, the female population does as well.

Wilson jazzes it up

When asked to describe the style of his laid-back jazz quartet, Matt Wilson simply said, “fun.” Not one to disappoint, Wilson followed through on Wednesday by delivering a richly mesmerizing and purely pleasurable set in the Pause.

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