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ISSUE 117 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/5/2004

Arts and Entertainment

Bread art rises to success

The walls and floors of Dittmann Center are adorned with bread and earth, and the sound of bare hands kneading bread dough echoes in the background. This exhibit is Armenian artist Apo Torosyans Bread Series, titled Hope, Not Hate, which runs until March 14. Through his art, Torosyan expresses the hardship of immigration and the horrors of Armenian genocide experienced by his fathers generation.

Growing grassroots sounds: Christianson, Wertz stay true to the music

At 8 p.m. last Friday night, the Pause was packed. Its unusual to see almost 500 students hanging out together anywhere on campus, let alone at an organized event. But the acoustic melodies of Matt Wertz and former St. Olaf student Paul Christianson brought in one of the biggest turnouts of the year.

'This is a play' that entertains

What if, during a play, the audience was able to read the thoughts of the actors, but could not hear their lines? This was the perspective the audience got in This is a Play, a Five Guys Theatre Company production written by Daniel MacIvor and directed by Max Wojtanowicz 06.

Nader runs again

Until Feb. 22, the race for the presidency was focused on a simple question: which Democrat would face Bush in the upcoming election? As the list of Democratic candidates dwindled, voters were inundated with advertisements for both John Kerry of Massachusetts and John Edwards of North Carolina . We knew it would be one of these men until Ralph Nader announced his campaign for the Presidency. Nader, an Independent, claims to present, according to, an alternative choice to the two major parties in the presidential race.

Armstrong muses on Moses in Chapel

Who am I to make a speech before Pharaoh? Moses asks God in James Weldon Johnsons 1927 book Gods Trombones, a retelling of the story of Moses.

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