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ISSUE 117 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/23/2004

Arts and Entertainment

ManPlanet out of this world

Clad in tight-fitting, solid-colored clothing whose colors matched the performers' instruments, ManPlanet once again exploded on to the St. Olaf scene last Friday night with an energetic set of space rock.

Dancing for his life

When Dance Professor Anthony Roberts' brother Tom asked his doctor how long it would be before he could swing a golf club again, the doctor told him it could be a year. Less than six weeks later, Tom died of cancer.

Dream delights

Signs advertising the theater department's latest production, "Appalachian Dream," boasted, "This time, it really IS a comedy." And this time, the posters told it like it was. "Appalachian Dream," which runs April 16-25, can best be described as two parts "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and one part "O Brother Where Art Thou."

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