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ISSUE 118 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/24/2004

Arts and Entertainment

Artists render 'Maps' to soul

Heralding the latest St. Olaf art exhibit, Flaten Art Museum hosted a reception in celebration of "Body Maps," a series of reproduced canvases created by 14 female South African victims of HIV Friday, Sept. 17. More than 60 students and faculty showed up to enjoy refreshments and take a first glance at the show.

'Heir' grounds

The eclectic sounds of local hip-hop group Heiruspecs filled the Pause Saturday night while over 300 fans shook their fists excitedly and sang along. Unlike many of todays overproduced, digitally infused hip-hop music, Heiruspecs offered a live, vocal oriented brand of hip-hop that wowed audiences with its fresh appeal.

Art history, revisited

Keeping in tune with St. Olafs storied art tradition, the Friday opening of "Body Maps" was business as usual. Ever since the days of the now-defunct Steensland Art Gallery, St. Olaf has had a long-standing reputation of bringing new, innovative and diverse exhibits to campus.

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