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ISSUE 118 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/22/2004

Arts and Entertainment

Perpetua-lly unanswered questions: Theatre departments latest production fails to satisfy

The St. Olaf theatre departments latest production, Perpetua, is an answer to the age-old question, What happens when two grieving sisters, a put-out husband whos possibly in love with the two girls and a deceived doctor/sailor converge for two hours on a stage inexplicably covered in sand?

So Many stellar Constellations

The privileged few who ventured to the Lions Pause last Saturday bore witness to two tremendous musical performances. The Plastic Constellations and So Many Dynamos, two Midwestern bands with an underground style, played their dynamic brand of danceable post-punk to a small, captivated crowd.

Kasdorf digresses on poetic forces of speed, love, gravity

In the dimly lit Viking Theatre, Oct. 15, students and faculty were transported to a land of orange Volkswagons, Mennonites and sinful fruit as poet Julia Kasdorf read from her 1998 collection of poems entitled Eves Striptease.

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