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ISSUE 119 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/17/2006

Arts and Entertainment

'Wonder' shocks, amuses

It isn’t every Sunday morning that I can boast to my roommate that I spent the preceding evening with a clown, a suicidal alcoholic and a sexual deviant. This isn’t to say my nightlife lacks excitement or variety, but simply that this past Saturday night was a little more diverse than others.

Color abounds

Last Friday, nearly one hundred students, alumni and professors stepped out to see a triple threat art opening. “Pattern-ing,” the latest installment in Flaten Art Museum, features the work of Liz Quisgard of New York City and Bruce Thorn of Chicago. Next door in the print room was “Evolution: The Yoshida Family and Friends,” a collection of contemporary Japanese woodblock prints.

Film Club out of funds

Faced with unexpected budget shortfalls, Film Club will shut down in mid-April until next fall. The good news is that they have decided to go out with a bang.

Orchestra concert disappoints

It is rare to find a concert program of an established symphony orchestra, especially one as proudly traditional as St. Olaf’s, that consists mostly of 20th century literature. With five of its six pieces composed within the last 110 years, the St. Olaf Orchestra’s Sunday concert in Skoglund Auditorium had potential to do justice to an underrepresented era in orchestral music. But like many symphonic concerts that attempt fresher repertoire, it ultimately wimped out with an ill-prepared, weakly-programmed variety act.

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