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ISSUE 120 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/6/2006

Arts and Entertainment

For God so loves the world: Choirs, orchestra deliver beautiful, successful Christmas Festival

Although simple courtesy prevents anyone from saying it, the St. Olaf Christmas Festival has traditionally been viewed by the masses as an “Ole Choir and friends” production. Indeed, the history behind the program supports this idea, and to be fair, the St. Olaf Choir is and has been nothing short of extraordinary throughout its existence.

Guthrie’'s ‘'A Christmas Carol'’ hits close to home

Those who managed to get a ticket to this year'’s “"A Christmas Carol"” at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis might be pleasantly surprised to see how many connections the show has with St. Olaf.

St. Olaf Band and new organ enliven chapel

The St. Olaf Band is spared, if that’'s the right word, the pleasure of playing at the Christmas Festival. To make up for that lack, the Band played the chapel service on Christmas Festival Sunday.

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