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ISSUE 120 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/20/2007

Arts and Entertainment

‘Shrew’ adds tragic element to Shakespearean comedy

On April 11-15, the St. Olaf Theater Department presented William Shakespeare’s classic comedy “The Taming of the Shrew.” Performing such a famous work can be a monumental task for any cast and crew. Each ensemble must live up to the audience’s expectations by maintaining the play’s original flair and also entertain by adding its own unique spin on the work.

Celtic music with zing

On April 3, St. Olaf students were treated to Celtic music “with zing!” at The Muses concert in The Pause. The band, a trio of traditional folk musicians hailing from Colorado, played with a fresh and energetic enthusiasm that engaged the audience and drove the entire concert.

Veselica shows diversity through dance

This past weekend, members of St. Olaf international dance ensemble Veselica performed their spring concert, joined by several student guest performers. The concert began with “Valpovac’ka Kolo,” a piece from Croatia.

Installation pieces refresh senior art show

On April 15, the St. Olaf Art Department hosted the first of two Senior Shows. Titled “Comrades in Art,” the exhibition showcased the senior projects of half the Art Department’s graduating majors in the Flaten Museum in the Dittmann Center.

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