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ISSUE 120 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/27/2006

Arts and Entertainment

Home Concert promises excellent year

On Monday night the St. Olaf Orchestra gave one of its best performances in recent memory in the Skoglund Center. The Home Concert certainly promises an even more excellent orchestral year than usual.

Moroccans share music, dance

B’net Houariyat, a six-woman group of Moroccan dancers, singers and percussionists, treated 26 students to an informal performance and master class on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 18. Entering Dittmann’s Studio One in traditional costumes, the artists beat out rhythms and sang a message meaning “We are happy, glad to be here. We are asking good spirits of the country to protect us and give us good moments together.”

Bluegrass band engages crowd

For the second annual Lutefest in 2005, planners found the main act to be unexpectedly popular. In a time when the reigning popular music among college-age students is the typical indie-pop band (i.e. The Bravery and Motion City Soundtrack, the Fall Concert picks for 2005 and 2006, respectively, and Rooney, the 2006 Lutefest headliner), Pause organizers chose the bluegrass band Nickel Creek to much enthusiasm from students. Students present for Nickel Creek’s genre brother, Pert’ Near Sandstone, in the Pause Tuesday, Oct. 10, must have been the same that cheered at Lutefest in 2005.

Sidiki Condé educates and inspires through dance and song

Dittmann’s Studio One was full of the unique rhythms and energies of West African music the evening of Thursday, Oct. 12, as Sidiki Condé and his partner, Balla Kouyaté, performed for a large and captive audience. Condé is a native of Guinea and Kouyaté a native of Mali, both countries in West Africa.

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