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ISSUE 120 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/17/2006

Arts and Entertainment

Deciding who has the privilege to pee: Talented cast of ‘Urinetown’ delivers hilarious performance

It took me a while to realize why there were two port-a-potties covered in chains outside of the Speech/Theatre Building, but eventually I made the connection: “Urinetown,” currently playing in the Kelsey Theatre, is a different breed of musical from most St. Olaf shows of recent memory, and behooves a different sort of promotion.

Jayber Crow, Jason Anderson rock Hilleboe lounge

Sunday night marked the triumphant return of Jayber Crow and Jason Anderson to St. Olaf. I'm not being overly dramatic or employing unwarranted hyperbole. Jayber Crow and Jason Anderson rocked Hilleboe lounge to its foundations.

‘Dreams’ performance full of passion, provocation

“One, two, three … and blackout. Good, dancers,” rang out the voice of rehearsal director Lorry May at the showing of Anna Sokolow's “Dreams” Friday afternoon in Dittmann's Studio One. A work set in eight short sections, “Dreams” is a dance piece inspired by the Holocaust.

Winter weather arrives

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, cold weather will soon be rearing its ugly head on campus and across the country. However, there are many ways in which St. Olaf staff and students prepare for the upcoming winter months.

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