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ISSUE 121 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2008

Arts and Entertainment

Gemineye performs poetry in the Pause

It's only fitting that spoken-word artist Gemineye would be named after a dual-natured astrological sign.

The Rhythm Project dancers generate new beats

As dancers jumped and turned to the beat of the words "bulbous," "bouffant," "macadamia" and "goulashes," the audience in Dittmann Studio 1 on Friday and Saturday night realized that they were not watching an average dance performance.

'The Syringa Tree' explores racism in South Africa

"The Syringa Tree," playing at The Jungle Theatre in Minneapolis from Feb. 1 through March 9, began life as a one-woman show by Pamela Gien, a native of South Africa who grew up in the midst of apartheid. Partially autobiographical, the play shows apartheid from the snail's-eye view of a young white girl.

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