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ISSUE 121 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/9/2007

Arts and Entertainment

Minnesota choirs gather

On Nov. 4, 35 high school and church choirs from around the state gathered with St. Olaf's five main choirs in Skoglund Center Auditorium for the 105th annual St. Olaf Choral Festival.

Fiction & Poetry: Keeping a Straight Face

This is your best joke yet. Your body may be worn, but is still as strong as six years ago. I'm laughing - can we move on now?

Sewell Ballet premiers 'Kinetic Head'

An evening at the ballet evokes stereotypical images of tutu-wearing dancers who defy gravity with precision and grace. However, when you go to a James Sewell Ballet, you never know what you will see; JSB is not your typical ballet company.

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra delights

Thirty-five people. One sound. When the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra performed in Boe Memorial Chapel on Thursday, Nov. 1, students, faculty and community members were treated to an experience like no other; despite the numbers it was as though only one person was playing.

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