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ISSUE 121 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/30/2007

Arts and Entertainment

Solinger explores motherhood

The 66 framed black-and -white images lining the walls of Flatten Art Museum demand recognition for their photographic brilliance and for their compelling portrayal of various manifestations of motherhood in America.

Guthrie shows US premiere of 'The Home Place'

The Home Place, which recently made its American premiere at the Guthrie, presents Brian Friel's latest work on Anglo-Irish history and the struggles of alienated identity.

Student composers rebel at 'Fresh Ink'

Composition recitals often entail 16 new pieces. After 2.5 hours of Fresh Ink late in the evening, even the most attentive audience members find themselves being prodded by a neighbor to wake up.

Fiction & Poetry: Whilst the Watershed

While walking our dog through the woods my father and I strayed form the path and happened upon a large tree that had fallen after being struck by lightening.

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