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ISSUE 117 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/26/2003

Letters to the Editor

By Various Contributors
Contributing Writer

Friday, September 26, 2003

Dear Mess Editors,

I'm disappointed to see that the Messenger is still publishing the "Sex on the Hill" column for two reasons. First, it lowers the level of journalism of the Messenger as a whole. And secondly, because I do not want the opinions expressed therein to come across as representative of the student body as a whole.

Last week's column extols summer camps as the perfect place to have sex with people you will never meet again. What benefit is there in having physical intimacy in a relationship that involves little commitment, trust, or love? Human beings all hunger for intimacy, but the only thing that sex does, outside of a committed relationship, is create an illusion of intimacy. Treating sex as a form of entertainment trains people to disassociate it from the sort of commitment and love that it is meant to be an expression of, making it much harder to form that sort of committed relationship in the future.

Opinions on premarital sex differ widely on this campus. But I, for one, have never met a married person who said, "My one regret is not sleeping around with more people before I got married." I know many, on the other hand, who did not wait and who now regret that choice deeply. The only reason that I can see why someone would not wait until marriage is a lack of maturity, an inability to choose long-term good over short-term pleasure.

Sex, outside of a marriage relationship where the depth of commitment matches that depth of physical intimacy, is ultimately destructive. It leaves people exchanging true love, which is always accompanied by commitment, for an illusion of love without attachment, feeling like real men and women while acting with childlike immaturity, yearning for intimacy and yet afraid.

– Michael Zahniser '04

Dear Mess Editors,

In last week’s “Sex on the Hill,” the columnist characterizes sex in a pool and at the beach as “hot.” While these locations are often portrayed as great places to have sex, in actuality they have the potential to be nothing but trouble.

For example, remember how your eyes stung after getting out of the pool? Well, imagine what the water can do to your nether regions; serious irritation could occur. Of course, there is the ever-present danger of chafing. And finally, you can only hold your breath for so long.

And while sex on the beach looks hot on “Baywatch,” the reality is much less so. Arrests for trespassing, lewd behavior, public nudity, and indecent exposure are just the start. You also must be careful of the varieties of marine life that inhabit the beach. Getting stung by a jellyfish is bad enough, but what about getting stung in an especially sensitive region? Moreover, there’s the sand issue.

Healthy attitudes regarding sex are extremely important. It’s terrific that the “Sex on the Hill” column provides an outlet for casual discussions about sex. However, while you needn’t a prudish attitude towards sex, you should definitely not be imprudent. Sex itself is something that should not be taken casually and sex education is invaluable. Safe sex, in a safe spot, is great sex.

–Laura Wilkinson, ‘04

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