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ISSUE 117 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/26/2003

Double standard plagues gays; Marriage laws should reflect democratic principles

By Hayley Wender
Contributing Writer

Friday, September 26, 2003

In his recent article “Gay Marriage would spell the end of U.S. Democracy,” Dick Wittaker says that if gay marriage is allowed, “American society will crumble.” Is it plausible that the looming threat of legalized homosexual marriage will spell societal damnation? I think not.

Too many Americans view the threat of homosexuality as not only a moral issue, but a political one as well. Such people classify homosexuality as an unnatural and infectious behavior, associating it with the spread of disease, violence and immorality. They believe that the condoning of such “abnormal” behavior is the beginning of the end of democracy. It is their perverted perception that if same-sex marriages are approved, the number of active homosexuals will reach epidemic proportions.

These people fear that the large numbers of homosexuals will infiltrate all facets of society, reeking havoc and corruption while destroying our so-called scrupulous social order.

While some condemn, others are willing to accept. Or perhaps a better word is “tolerate.” These individuals are willing to extend legal rights and allow civil unions to homosexuals, but are not quite comfortable acknowledging same-sex marriages.

Basically, the tolerant are willing to permit homosexuals the same rights as other Americans, but a declaration of promise before God and country is just too much for those “homos” to ask. In their view, (disregarding marriage), at least homosexuals are enjoying the same liberties as all other Americans, right? Aren’t they asking for a little too much?

Well, they are asking for it. And not just in America, but across the globe. From Canada to Russia, the motion to legalize same-sex marriage is gaining recognition worldwide. For example, the European Union recently offered its support of same-sex marriages. Later this week, the Canadian Parliament is voting on the issue, along with the governments of South Africa and Russia.

American society supports long-lasting, monogamous marriages based upon mutual love and respect. Is it not somewhat ironic that this same society allows two heterosexuals to marry on a whim in Las Vegas, while two homosexuals who has lived with and cared for each other for several years cannot have a decent, legal wedding? It is a farce of society, yet America is still clinging to its taboos and denying these individuals the freedom owed to them by this “democracy.”

Americans must realize that marriage should not be limited to the union of man and woman. Homosexuals must finally be recognized as full citizens and granted the equality they deserve. To maintain that monogamous homosexual couples must remain strangers to each other in the eyes of the law is a crime against humanity and against the principles of democracy. Live and let live. Aren’t their enough marriage licenses to go around?

Hayley Wender is a first year from Sioux City, Iowa. She majors in English.

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