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ISSUE 117 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/10/2003

Letter to the Editor

By Melanie Meinzer
Contributing Writer

Friday, October 10, 2003

Dear Mess Editors,

Regarding Julie Gunderson’s editorial “Dems lack issues, target Bush:”

It is refreshing to read an articulate statement of support for our president in a college newspaper at a time when Bush-bashing is a hot fad on our nation’s campuses. I was beginning to think that there were no conservatives born after 1980 left in America.

Come to think of it, why exactly are so many young people angry at President Bush these days? We've all had an easy time finding jobs during the last two years, and our college funds are doing just great, aren't they?

Where is all this mysterious resentment coming from?

I doubt it has anything to do with the way the effects of the Bush administration’s reckless economic policies are going to stick with our generation like a bad hangover for the next several decades.

Nor, I suppose, does the anger stem from the president’s callous rush to send our high school classmates off to die in the Middle East based on intelligence his administration knew to be faulty. No, it must be something else.

Probably, though, it's not the way Bush insists on polluting the air we'll have to breathe for the next 60 years by refusing to institute stricter mileage standards on gas-guzzling SUVs while stifling renewable energy research.

As President Bush might say, there’s no evidence to link these facts and the anger felt toward him by many of today's young people. You could call it a strange coincidence. But come to think of it, there are a lot of strange coincidences going around. Why, just the other day I read that 50 percent more African-American children are in abject poverty now than when President Bush took office. It's very odd that Mr. Bush isn't doing something about this, considering the plethora of votes Republicans usually get from black people.

To be fair, President Bush really can't be faulted for allowing millions of Americans to fall into joblessness and poverty on his watch. He is, after all, very busy encouraging our enemies to “bring on” their attacks on American soldiers.

Honestly, why can’t America’s youth just leave their Commander-in-Chief in peace? I blame the Bush-bashing trend on misdirected adolescent angst. Those liberal whiners really ought to go out and get a job or something.

– Carl Schroeder ‘05

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