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ISSUE 117 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/5/2004

Bush's past irrelevant

By Megan Sutherland
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 5, 2004

I do not like President Bush. However, my dislike of him has absolutely nothing to do with the recent allegations that he was absent without leave during the Vietnam War.

It seems the Democrats have decided to take the low road and focus on what Bush might or might not have done more than 30 years ago. I know the Republicans tried to harp on Bill Clinton's failed attempt at getting stoned, but honestly, do we always have to be mud-slinging? Why are any past indiscreations relevent to anything the candidates are doing now? I'm pretty sure there are tons of things the Democrats could criticize about Bush, things that are actually relevant to being a good leader, but of course it is easier to get press and promote something simple rather than talk about real issues.

Bush has, thus far, been quite eager to send the country to war; "with which country?" was his reply when asked about the possibility of the United States going to war. Early in his administration, some have claimed, there was talk of invading Iraq, and it is easy to guess why Iraq, a country with a "evil doer" for a leader, was chosen. Iraq has oil. Saddam tried to kill Bush's daddy.

Bush has trumpeted patriotism, and tried to make conservative synonymous with American and liberal synonymous with terrorist sympathizer. So maybe he is getting what was coming to him all along. He wanted to tout the military and play the part of the flag-waving, Jesus-loving Boy Scout, proudly walking through a sea of American soldiers, shaking hands. Now it has come forth that he may have been coloring or playing Uno when he was supposed to be on National Guard Duty. Yes, he was wrong not to fulfill his obligation. But honestly, there are so many other, more relevant flaws in the man and his policies that it just seems ridiculous for the Democrats to get worked up over this.

I could not care less that Bush skipped duty in the 70s. I also don't care that he was an alcoholic or that he allegedly used cocaine for several years. Those things have nothing to do with the present Although, the cocaine might have something to do with his speech problems Who knows?

I also don't care what John Kerry did in the 70s. Why are we ready to throw him a cookie and the presidency for getting shot a few times? If battle wounds are what make one suitable for office then I nominate 50 Cent for president.

This is not to say anything against Kerry, but I don't think his past service should be an issue in the election. He served his country. But we have real issues to deal with now. Tell me, Mr. Kerry, what you are going to do to fix our economy so students can get jobs when they graduate. Tell me what you are going to do to fix our international image. Tell me what you're going to do about the homeless. Tell me your ideas to make our country a place of which we can be proud.

Staff Writer Megan Sutherland is a first year from The Woodlands, Texas. She majors in English and history.

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