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ISSUE 117 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/30/2004

On these grounds, look-a-likes abound

By Molly Bayrd
Executive Editor

Friday, April 30, 2004

Beth Watson `05 has never met Assistant Professor of Philosophy Geoffrey Gorham. Neither has her fellow Ole Choir member, Aaron Williamson `05. Nevertheless, Beth and Aaron have been pegged as Gorham's campus look-alikes -- with their striking good looks and dark, wavy hair, the three are near-dead ringers of one another.

"I've had a lot of people ask me if Aaron and I are brother and sister," Watson said. "When I actually suggest the resemblance to people, they see it a lot more."

Williamson concurred with Watson's opinions. "I like to tease Beth a lot, as though she actually is my little sister," he said.

Gorham, on the other hand, seemed much more uneasy with the idea of his campus look-alikes. "The idea that there are people on campus who look like me robs me of my identity," he jested,"but I was here first & these people [who look like me] owe me something."

Watson and Williamson (not to mention Gorham) are far from being the only people on campus who have either been mistaken for one another or have been asked if they're somehow related. Craig Nelson `04 and Seth Kroschel `04 have long been compared to each other -- just don't ask them which one (of the two of them) is better looking or luckier in love.

"It's like Seth has an upgraded copy on campus -- the Seth 'beta version,'" Nelson said. "I feel bad for [Seth] sometimes because I'm the better looking one."

Kroschel voiced a contrary opinion. "It's interesting that Craig is taller and skinnier, yet I have the hotter girlfriend," he said.

Perhaps the most striking, non-related look-alikes that currently roam the campus are Nate Earley `05. Nate has been mistaken for Nick on multiple occasions, but he has always taken it all in stride. "The first time I saw [Nick], I almost dropped my caf tray, and I felt like I had to stare at him," Earley said. "I finally pulled my gaze away after six seconds & he was just so beautiful."

Both Earley and Grey acknowledge the resemblance -- especially now that Nate has shorn his hair to match Nick's (a pure coincidence, Earley says). "It was a little odd at first because it was always Nate's friends talking to me about [the resemblance], Grey said. "That was before I'd even met Nate. There are actually quite a few similarities between us." Grey is probably referring to the fact that, among other things, he and Nate -- both math majors -- attend Emmaus Baptist Church on a regular basis.

Far from being a clean-shaven pair of math majors, the shaggy-haired Hoyme JCs/roommates Tyler Norsted `05 (a Studio Art major) and Tyler Wanshura `05 (an Econ major) have often been told that they bear a strong likeness to one another. "We've been asked if we were twins -- [and this was] after people found out both of our names were Tyler," Norsted said.

Two other students that have oft been mistaken for twins -- for as long as either one of them can remember -- are Tom Nagel `04 and Ted Nagel `04. However, that just may be because they are twins. Identical ones. But don't worry about telling them apart  just avoid calling them by their first names. "We never get called by our first names," (Tom) Nagel said. "It's always 'Hey Nagel' or 'Hey TNT' & that's kind of our nickname."

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