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ISSUE 117 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/30/2004

Doin' It: Steph Walker '05 Co-editor-in-chief, Viking Yearbook

By Daniel Grupe
Staff Writer

Friday, April 30, 2004

Steph Walker `05 may be one of the most involved individuals on campus. No matter where you look, there she is  as long as you dont look too high. At 5'2'' Walker's frame is less than imposing, but she is quick to point out that she's not that short.

I would say there are at least four people on campus who are shorter than [I am], if you count the children of professors and [Professor] Taliaferro's dog, Walker said. She makes up for her vertical disadvantage, however, with her involvement in an abundance of activities and organizations that -- combined with her four inch heels -- makes her appear a few inches taller.

Perhaps the most prominent of those commitments is Walker's three years of work with the Viking, St. Olaf's yearbook. After a year as a staff photographer, Walker was promoted to co-editor-in-chief (along with Kimberly Schuh `05) -- a position she has held since the beginning of her sophomore year. The Viking, which Walker likens to a sleek, hot Ferrari, is actually a greasy machine that comes out looking slick. This slick appearance is largely due to Walker's organizational skills.

"I really like organizing people and giving them direction and stuff," Walker said. With a staff of around 50 people, delegation is a sizable aspect of her job, although Walker and Schuh also write stories, design layouts and thoroughly edit every page. Working as the Viking editor for two years has led Walker to consider a career in publishing -- a consideration that directed her to accept an internship with a Denver publishing company this summer.

If Walker decides against publishing, a career involving the classics might be in the cards. A classics and English major with a Media Studies concentration, Walker currently serves as the president of St. Olaf's chapter of the National Classics Honor Society.

Earlier this month, Walker was also elected as the national president of the society at the yearly convention in New Orleans. Walker's duties will be focused largely on preparing for next year's convention, which will be held at St. Olaf.

Beginning in December, Walker took on the challenge of leading Seth Heringer and Janine Wetzel's successful SGA election campaign. As a reward for her hard work on the campaign, which consumed [her] life for two months, Walker was given all the free popcorn she could eat and the responsibility of running the weekly movie bus.

Walker is currently busy designing the layout for the Reed, and is serving as the Blue Key secretary and as an RA in Larson. One might wonder at this point why Walker takes on so many responsibilities. The answer is really quite simple.

"I'm a huge nerd," Walker openly admitted. While this might be true, she is a nerd with big aspirations. Walker is considering applying for a Fulbright scholarship after graduation. After that, with her classics major in hand, the sky is the limit for this hard-working junior. Walker is trying to keep her feet on the ground, though, with the more immediate goal of getting a date out of this article.

"I'm single, fun, attractive, [and I have] relatively low standards," Walker said as she flirtatiously twisted one of her curly red locks around her finger. Should one be so lucky to score a date with Walker, he might be treated to a game of ultimate frisbee, a hike in the mountains near her home in Sheridan, Wyo. or an Owen Wilson movie. If none of those options sounds appealing, the date might instead include a round of golf, although one might have a hard time squeezing into Walker's dream foursome of herself, Wilson ("I want him to have 10 million of my babies"), Will Ferrell and Cicero.

Cicero is not the kind of guy that I'd want to be friends with, Walker said of the Roman orator. But [he's] definitely somebody I'd want on my side. The latter part of that statement could be said of Walker: with the kind of power she wields on campus, it can't hurt to be on her side

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