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ISSUE 117 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/30/2004

Karaoke 101: Tips for singing success

By Rebecca Lofft
Staff Writer

Friday, April 30, 2004

Over the years, many St Olaf students (aged 21 and above) have discovered a cure for "Hump Day": the fabulous Wednesday night karaoke scene at the L&M bar in Dundas. Here are the "top ten" tips to ensure that your own karaoke experience is the best it can be:

10. Finish your homework early and find a crew of equally enthusiastic, comparably silly people to accompany you. That way, you won't be performing solo, and you won't look like a fool (or, rather, look like a fool by yourself).

9. Don stylish apparel that you don't mind spilling on -- cowboy hats and mardi gras beads can make or break a performance.

8. Alter your state of mind; the more relaxed you are, the better.

7. Designate a driver.

6. Pop a mint in your mouth before singing to ensure that your breath doesn't don't knock out your backup singers during those never-ending Whitney Houston vocals.

5. Pick well-known music so the audience can drown you out with their raucous singing (think classics from the Grateful Dead, the Beatles and Prince).

4. Louder volume = better performance.

3. Maintain the ability to hold a microphone and a beverage in their respective hands.

2. Maintain the ability to read moving words from left to right on a screen.

1. Be willing to look foolish.

The day after, bring your love for the microphone into the classroom. Sing to your professor when handing in your homework, or dance with your lab partner as the bunsen burner ignites your passion for performance.

In the end, Wednesday night karaoke is not about how well you can sing; it's about spending quality time with friends which  under optimal conditions -- you'll remember the next day.

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