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ISSUE 117 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/14/2004

Thomforde goes missing

By Rachel Westberg
Contributing Writer

Friday, May 14, 2004

The hunt is on again for the missing Thomometer, the cardboard cutout of President Thomforde used for recording the progress of the senior giving campaign. However, this year, a special incentive is in place for the thieves if the cutout is returned. Every year, the senior giving committee holds a campaign asking graduating seniors to pledge an amount to give back to the school each year after they graduate. To publicize the event and record its progress, Judy Swanson '57 created the Thomometer for the 2003 senior class campaign. Soon after it was hung in the Crossroads, it was stolen. The cutout mysteriously turned up again at graduation, with minor bruises. It was touched up and returned for a second year. In hopes such vandalism would not happen again, the committee hung the Thomometer in the cafeteria in what they thought was a hard to reach place. "We tried to make it tougher to steal by putting it in the Caf and up high," said Brian Senske 04, co-chair of the senior giving campaign. "Last year it was by the Pause and pretty easy to access. We knew that someone would try to take it but thought that it would be easier to figure out who took it." But, the Thomometer went missing last month, only a week after being displayed. It is now being considered an annual prank, which is not all bad news. "I think it's great that this is becoming an annual prank now  it creates tradition and builds awareness about the campaign," Sarah Goldthwait 04, co-chair of the senior giving campaign said. Deciding it could be used to the campaigns advantage, the committee came up with the idea to provide an incentive for the perpetrators to return the cutout in good condition. "This year we were thinking of ways to reward the thieves for returning the Thomometer unharmed, and President Thomforde came up with the idea of treating the group of pranksters to a private meal in his personal dining room," Goldthwait said. "We thought it was a great idea." To promote the idea, Senske and Goldthwait made a poster, now hanging in the cafeteria, promoting the new reward for the cutouts return. "We made a poster for the cafeteria in an effort to communicate with the captors, so hopefully it will generate some discussion, and the thieves will be enticed by the prospect of eating with the real live Thomforde instead of just his cutout," Goldthwait said. Now, whoever took the Thomometer has until May 15 to return it to claim their reward dinner with Thomforde, who has been good natured about the missing likeness. "Whoever has the Thomometer, take care of the Thomometer," Thomforde said. "I have confidence that it will reappear before the senior banquet." As of now, the senior class is in competition with the class of 1954, currently the class with the highest percentage of senior giving. "Maybe the Thomometer needs to come out again to inspire victory over the class of 54," Thomforde said.

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