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ISSUE 117 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/14/2004

Residence Life set for move out

By Emelie Heltsley
News Editor

Friday, May 14, 2004

With just over a week to go, St. Olaf students are looking beyond the books to the bookshelf and wondering what to do with all of their stuff come move-out day. The amount of stuff a student can fit into one tiny living space is truly amazing, and St. Olaf provides plenty of options for students who wish to store their boxes, blankets and books on campus over the summer months. Students are expected to move out 24 hours after their last final, except for seniors and students involved in graduation activities. On May 16 and 17, students can bring in large furniture and carpet rolls to Ytterboe Hall for storage. Summer furniture storage is a fundraiser for the honor houses, so minimal fees will be charged for keeping large and bulky items. Storing carpet rolls will cost students $5. Small furniture, such as bookshelves, cost $10 an item. Large furniture such as couches costs 15 dollars to store. All students are invited to bring boxes, crates and trunks to the storage areas of the hall they will be living in next year from Wednesday May 19 through May 25, 8-10 p.m. "We will run out of room," said Pamela McDowell, director of residence life. "So come store your things early on." Residence Life discourages the storage of valuables and computers, and does not allow students to store refrigerators or bikes. What should students who missed out on Olaf storage do? McDowell suggests going in with a group of friends to rent a storage unit in Northfield. Move out is always a time of high theft. "Watch your stuff and label everything," McDowell said. "Otherwise, theres no way to gauge whose box is whose. Sometimes parents come in and accidentally grab the wrong box, or another student will walk off with your TV." McDowell also mentioned the problem of underestimating how long it will take to pack. "Our staff is incredibly busy at this time of year, so students need to be ready to leave at their check-out time," she said. While September 6 may seem too far away to worry about, move in day is also another big day for the Residence Life office. For upperclassmen, move in begins Monday September 6, and goes through September 8. Classes start for all students on September 9. Getting boxes and trunks out of residence hall storage will not be a problem, McDowell said. "All residence hall facilities use shelves, and you have your shelf that you put your box on," she said. Furniture storage, on the other hand, "is chaotic at best," McDowell said. "Students may need to wait a day or so to get their couches and big things out of Ytterboe Hall." What is the number one thing for students to remember? "This is the last thing of the year, and should be remembered as a fun time," McDowell said. "Were all ready for summer break, so pack early, be ready, and clean now."

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