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ISSUE 115 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/15/2002

March Madness

By Sarah Ferguson
Staff Writer

Friday, March 15, 2002

Do you smell that? It has been creeping around the St. Olaf campus and throughout Northfield for quite some time now. I don't think it's the chocolate Malt-O-Meal. It’s Madness baby! March Madness is a very special time in our lives, ladies and gentlemen. It is a time, when friends or foes can unite to cheer for a Cinderella Gonzaga team to get to the elite eight. It is a time to run up and down the halls screaming, "Hot Dunleavy!" It is a time to put your backpacks and books under your 18 pages of downloaded internet info on who Sports Illustrated's Joe Schmoe thinks the best team is this year.

I can tell you one thing, (Duke) there for sure is not one elite team this year. (Duke) Yeah, I mean Kansas looks tough, (Duke) uhh Michigan state and Tom H to the Izzo has a tough squad. (Duke) For one thing, if Mr. Wicks and the NCAA permitted me to bet on these tournaments in somebody's pool, I would surely not take Duke. I would probably take a new, fresh, upcoming team like Kansas, Wake Forest, or Wisconsin. (Duke) Speaking of gambling, I've heard there will be a new record estimated $2.5 billion wagered on the tourney this year!

I bet some elementary schools will have to crack the gambling rings because eventually the kids will start using their milk money to buy brackets from their teachers.

Wait, did I say teachers? Yeah, many of my high school teachers played the game, in fact many of them had televisions in their classrooms. Wouldn't that spice up the lectures here? A professor may began a lecture saying "Now, the philosophes had a strong belief that…Oh my goodness did you see that foul! C'mon stripes!" That would certainly interest the administrators of most schools, provided you could get them away from the tv for a couple of minutes. Even if the chaos doesn't spill into every lecture hall, it will once again jump into millions of homes, and most humble dorm rooms across the nation. What makes it especially interesting this year is that it is really anyone's tournament. (Duke's easily. Can any team hold a candle to Boozer, Dunleavy, and Williams?) Heck, even the Gophers had a shot to get in until the Minnesota hex bit into them and they choked Spike Lee style on the Badgers and fighting Illini after handing away double digit leads. Dan Monson should be proud of his team though. The NIT looks bright for the Gophers. One of the fondest moments from last year's tournament was being an active participant in room of about 40 people in a lounge on 3rd floor Mohn. We watched game after game, and studied during the time-outs. (Full ones, not the 20's) We were avid screamers at the refs, although we had absolutely no control whatsoever, and I think there might have been some tension from a certain Mr. Poshek after his Terrapins blew a 20 point lead to Duke, and his favorite big-man Loren Woods was downsized like Enron's C.E.O.

I loved the magic and excitement the tourney brought last year, and look forward to it destroying and uniting friends for a long time.

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