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ISSUE 118 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/4/2005

Caf Creations

By Kelly Wilson
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 4, 2005

When I was a kid, my younger brother and I would play this game called Double Dare. We would find the most disgusting, most ridiculous, most despicable ingredients to combine. Then we would mix ‘em up and the other person would have to eat the creation. No “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” about it; you sucked it up and choked it down, hoping it wouldn’t reappear in a couple of seconds.

Some classic combos: oatmeal with sauerkraut and olives; asparagus doused in mayonnaise, chocolate sauce and tapioca pudding; and (yes, oh yes) a stick of butter slathered in ketchup.

Okay, so we were sadistic little kids. But when you walk through Stav Hall on any given day, the idea of bringing the spice or variety to musty old traditions is strong. Although Stav Hall has nationally recognized and praised food, three meals a day at any place for four years can become monotonous.

However, if you look closely, you can find some clever Oles bypassing the “Pasta” line, saying “no” to the “Home” line and forging their own paths on the way to the plethora of culinary possibilities that Stav Hall has to offer.

So a few of my colleagues and I went out like good “investigatory” journalists into the heart and soul of Stav Hall to find out just what crazy concoctions people are coming up with.

Let’s start with the basics. Toppings, sauce … only conformists put “just catsup” on their burgers. Chris Schommer ’06 affirmed this notion. His recipe combines mayonnaise and A1 Steak Sauce to create a burger topping that tricks the taste buds into believing they’re eating a Big Mac. However, this special sauce is still a work in progress. Chris said he came up with it last week and has been perfecting the recipe ever since.

Moving onto breakfast, Scott Williamson ’07 came up with the breakfast burrito to end all breakfast burritos.

“It’s a nice Saturday morning thing,” Williamson said. Taking a large soft shell burrito, tossing in some cheesy eggs, bacon, sour cream, black beans, veggies, and other ingredients that shall remain nameless, his burrito has been known to make the muchachos fall to their rodillas.

Stav Hall supervisor Kyle O’Grady ’07 divulged one of the many “behind the scenes” tips for creating original caf meals. Shifting his eyes rapidly to check for any sign of a caf patroller, he spilled the beans on one of his favorite caf-insider recipes. O’Grady told us he likes to get some veggies, a grilled chicken breast and some noodles; mix in some sweet and sour and soy sauces, and voila! You have yourself some fine Asian cuisine, a la Kyle.

“It can get very, very creative,” O’Grady said.

God only knows what sort of goings-on happen behind those caf walls.

One of the most delicious recipes we saw was from Matt Prelager ’08. Although this creative freshman was a bit wary of our band of merry investigators, he still wasn’t too shy to show off his masterpiece: the classic pizza bagel. Prelager took a plain bagel, sliced and toasted it, topped it with marinara sauce from the pasta line, threw a piece of cheddar and Swiss on each side, added veggies from the pasta line, and threw it all in the microwave for around a minute. What came out was pizza bagel heaven. Prelager then rushed off to brag to his friends about scoring a paragraph in the Manitou Messenger.

The strangest concoction was that of Jeffrey Hyman ’07: for the “Kosack Special.” Hyman told us this uncanny dish was developed by Nick Kosack ’05 and that although it “sounds really weird, it’s delicious.” To serve it up “Special” style, Hyman toasts two plain bagel halves and puts regular cream cheese on both. He then slices up hardboiled eggs and covers them in hot sauce. After topping the concoction with a dash of garlic, Hyman likes to enjoy his “Kosack Special” open-faced.

Hyman recounted the first time he ever experienced the Kosack Special: “I took one bite, and I’ll never be the same man again.”

Yes, food can change us in ways we never thought possible. But these mind-opening, spirit-enlightening, nirvana-attaining recipes don’t happen by visiting the “Tortilla” line every night. So get out there and throw together some uncanny, unimaginable and yes, even unpleasant ingredients.

Who knows-with a little ingenuity, you might someday even come up with the “(insert name here) special!”

I dare you. I double dare you.

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