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ISSUE 115 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 3/22/2002

One 'Cool' Customer

By Various Contributors
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Friday, March 22, 2002

Senior Carrie Cooley is entering her final semester at St. Olaf College. She has become known as a an outstanding athlete and member of the college community over the past four years. Cooley hails from Villard, MN, and is playing in her final season as a shortstop on the Oles softball team. She was voted team M.V.P. last spring, and the team played its best games toward the end of the season, so Cooley hopes to carry some of that momentum through this season. Cooley grew up playing softball, basketball, and football with her three brothers in her backyard. Cooley admits she may have been a slight tomboy as a youth. Cooley said, "I have a twin brother who is a senior at Hamline. He is a soccer player and a good athlete. My two older brothers, my twin brother, and I would always play and compete when were younger, so that is why I love sports so much. The competitive nature really interests me." Cooley exhibits this competitive nature and love for sports all over campus. Although she admits she loves softball, basketball may win her heart over all the others. She said, "I love all the sports, but basketball may be my favorite. The friends I've made in all my sports in high school and college have [been] some of my best friends, and lifelong friends." Cooley is the proud owner of a pet llama. When asked why she choseto have a llama as a pet she said, "It's something fun and different." One thing you will notice if you see Carrie is that she is always optimistic. "The glass is always half full", Cooley adds. Carrie's other passions include biomedical studies, playing cards with friends, and just hanging out on the beach with friends and socializing. Carrie's major is family studies, and she hopes to end up working with youth, possibly in a Y.M.C.A. atmosphere. Chances are, these kids will have the privilege of working with a humble, optimistic, and fantastic person.

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