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ISSUE 115 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 3/22/2002

Catwalking into springtime

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 22, 2002

“’ This year a pretty face is a girls best accessory. Yeah. As opposed to last year, when ugly girls had a free ride, Janeane Garofalos classic standup about fashion commentary makes a number of valid points, not the least of which is the typical pointlessness of style advice. But now, for your fashion edification, the Oles guide to spring style brings you the best of this seasons runway concepts, and gives practical advice on how to use items you already own to get the Olafied version of each new look. Read on, for you may already be fashionable and not even know it! WHITE: More the 100 top designers featured white as the color of the season this spring. Even Goth designer Alexander McQueen finally saw the light, dressing his eight-foot, medieval-mullet-sporting models in frothy confections of ivory and eggshell. But take a tip from chic minimalist Calvin Klein, and avoid blinding onlookers by mixing and layering your lighter shades of pale with beige, brown or black accessories. From draping togas and hippie eyelet blouses from trim suits with flared swing skirts paired with white stiletto boots to relaxed jean-cut slacks with plain white tank tops, whatever your style, this look is clean, fresh, and easy to tie-dye next spring when colors come back into fashion. WHITE TIPS FOR OLES: Im trying desperately to get the white look for this spring, but the dorm washers dont distribute bleach evenly, leaving my clothes dingy and splotchy, you say. Well, weve all been there. But why force it? Go for the natural look. Youve been working on the flip side of your summer tan for months, so show off your winter white! Go naked! Special tip for Ole guys: Just remember, the anything goes philosophy behind this springs white trend simply doesnt apply to wife-beater tank tops or sweatpants. Put em back under your bed and go iron your church shirt. ETHNO PUNK: On the cusp of this trend for years, the houses of Dior and Versace have finally pulled the rest of the fashion world over to the side of cultural misunderstanding. Indian saris, Peruvian caps, Roman helmets, traditional German bodices, Hmong quilting, chunky African tribal jewelry, Native American leather boots, and even Chadr-inspired wraps are finding themselves thrown together on runways with punk stand-bys like heavy chains, torn fishnets, spiked hair, and rock-bopper tennis shoes. Ooh baby, its a wild world, and now you can wear it all at once. ETHNO PUNK TIPS FOR OLES: With all the Global Perspective on this campus, its surprising that your ethno-punk sensibilities havent surfaced before. To nurture them, start by putting on either the biggest or the tightest pants you own. For the first and last time ever, your Norwegian sweater is in style, and it isnt even an alumni week! So wear it while you can. Dig out your spring-break sarong (dont pretend you dont have one) and fashion it into an Erykah Badu-style head wrap. Any accessories you picked up on interim abroad should definitely be added to the mix, but if you find that you just dont have enough chunky jewelry you can always substitute any number of subdued crosses on silver chains. Special Tip for Ole guys: remember that Peruvian hat and mitten set your girlfriend got you for Christmas last year? Yeah? Wear it! FRINGE: At first it seemed as if designers had taken the Old Navy-led obsession with tropicalia a step too far, as hundreds of models pranced down the runway in hula skirts and leather coconut bodices. But then, there was a collective sigh of relief as hundreds of fashion critics suddenly realized that of course it wasnt tropicalia-inspired (so three years ago), it was flamenco-inspired& no, Native-American-inspired, but wait& isnt that belly-dancing-inspired? It could be of the retro-hippie-inspired genre too& In any case, everyones mad about fringe. None of that wishy-washy short fringe we saw last year, though. This springs re-definition of the style is defiantly in the length. Wide belts with fringe to the ankles are hot, as are saddlebag purses with twenty-three inch tassels. Whether worn on the head, or off the cuff, the longer the better. FRINGE TIPS FOR OLES: Feel free to start a petition to add fringe to the Ole Choir robes, because that may be the most practical place to put it on campus. Lets face it. Whatever the fringe benefits may be, there are far too many fringe drawbacks in wearing it on the hill. The slush youll have to wade through, for example, and the wind. And dont forget the backpacks, straps, zippers, doors, desks and fellow Oles itll get caught on. Disaster. My best advise for wearing fringe at Olaf is to do the same thing you do with your hair on Saturdays when youre wearing your scrubs and your Olaf sweatshirt over an old Phish tee-shirt. Put it in messy little pigtails. Who knows? Maybe next seasons re-definition of fringe will be the tied-back look. SAFARI Khaki, khaki, khaki. SAFARI TIPS FOR OLES: Perhaps the easiest of all this springs looks for an Ole to replicate, for the three reasons mentioned above. Best of all, it looks great with any of our other featured styles. So mix and match and mix again and then do you best not to match. Get out there and strut your stuff, Olaf. Show em what weve got! After all, no matter the season, youre never fully dressed without Um Ya Ya.

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