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ISSUE 115 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 3/22/2002

How to spice up your spring break

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 22, 2002

Going home for Spring Break? Don’t despair! Yes, spring break at your parents house in Podunkville, USA, can verge on the mind-numbing, especially if none of your high school friends are around. But there are ways to stave off the ennui. Try these ten ideas to spice up your life when you just cant spend another night in front of the TV. 1. Meet someone new. Check out whatever passes for your towns club scene, dance a little, and buy a couple people some drinks. Youll have new buddies to pass the time with in no time at all -- and if they turn out to be not quite your type, youll be off to college again before you can say, “restraining order.” 2. Muck out your room. Throw away all those fifth-grade reports on rabbits and give that Barbie board game to the Salvation Army. Yes, its annoying, but it has to be done sometime, and you better get it done now than still have stuff at your parents house when your kids are in college. 3. Road trip! You may not have the money to trek to Florida or California, but surely you know someone in a different town you can visit overnight. Wear your sunglasses and stock up on junk food. Its not delusion, its precaution -- you can get mighty hungry in an hour and a half. 4. Work out how many days you have until graduation. Shudder, then either search desperately for jobs on or turn on that video game system and shove the real world back far, far into the future. 5. Eat all the ice cream you can stomach. Everyone knows those college fridges dont freeze worth squat, and three fifty at the Pause is a lot to pay for a chocolate craving. Also, obviously, take advantage of the free laundry. 6. Learn a new skill, something flashy like juggling or making balloon animals. Then, when your friends ask what raging parties you went to over break, you have a handy way to divert them: I slept all week. But look at this squirrel! 7. Youre probably already watching videos, but you could try to broaden your horizons. Pick up a few classics from the American Film Institute Top 100 of the Century, or take a foray into foreign film. Or simply make a list of all those movies youve always meant to watch and knock off a few of those. 8. Do something nice for your parents. They changed many a soiled diaper, and they arent charging you rent (yet). Clean the kitchen while theyre gone at work, or buy your dad a box of his favorite candy. 9. Visit your public library and check out some fun reading material. It doesnt matter if its Hemingway or old installments of The Babysitters Club as long as its something you werent assigned to read. 10. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sleep. Take long showers. Sit around in your underwear. Savor your free time -- before you know it youll be back to the grind. You only get so many breaks in life. Make this one count.

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