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ISSUE 119 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/7/2005

Tacoasis restaurant not a mirage

By Nicole Zepper
Staff Writer

Friday, October 7, 2005

Any Ole who has ever driven down South Highway 3 has probably noticed a little restaurant on the side of the road called Tacoasis. Some braver Oles have even been known to stop and grab a bite at this tiny brick building with the red tin roof. The appearance of this hole-in-the-wall can most simply and accurately be described as “ghetto.”

On our way to Target last Wednesday, a group of friends and I were feeling particularly bold and extremely hungry, so we decided once and for all to settle the age-old question concerning Northfield'’s most notorious Mexican eatery: sketchy or scrumptious? The answer turned out to be a pleasant combination of both.

As I pulled into the Tacoasis parking lot, there was a decidedly uneasy feeling in the car. “This place is smaller than a convenience store,” I noted.

The murmured response from the backseat was hardly audible but clearly contained the phrases “scary,” “definitely sketchy” and “'Oh my God, we’re going to get food poisoning here.'” The tiny restaurant sits on top of a concrete slab and boasts two gray picnic tables, one umbrella and a couple potted plants, which we generously referred to as “foliage.”

Opting for the full Tacoasis experience, we decided against the drive-up window. As our group of five crossed the parking lot toward the door, Leslie Abell ‘'08 asked, “"Are we all going to fit in there?”" Her joke turned out to be a reasonable question, as we stepped into the approximately 10’ x 15’ space, which Abell mockingly described as “the size of a small prison cell.” There is no indoor seating at Tacoasis, except for a small counter running the full length of the wall at which customers can stand and eat.

Our snide remarks came to an abrupt halt, however, when we caught sight of the prices. A single taco costs $1.10, and a 32 oz. Pepsi will set you back only $1.30. “Taco Tuesdays” are the busiest, with two hard shell tacos selling for $1.20. Six or seven years ago, that special was only $.75.

Having made our selections, our group ordered and attempted to eat our meal outside. Due to freezing winds, however, we were eventually forced to eat in my car –- - a fitting end to our fine dining experience.

Our overall consensus was that the food isn'’t very spicy, but it’'s tasty, and the proportions are quite generous.

Alexandra Sprano ‘'08 said she preferred Tacoasis to Northfield’'s El Tequila Mexican restaurant, describing her choice as “less greasy” than its competition.

Liz Zimmerman ‘'08 agreed: "“I love good cheap Mexican food.”"

Not everyone was impressed, however. Sarah Van den Akker ‘'08 said that the food was “good,” but she would “never eat there again.” Van den Akker also doesn'’t care for beef, which greatly limits one'’s choices at Tacoasis.

My final impression is that Tacoasis isn’'t as sketchy as it seems. The food is pretty good, the prices are low, and the service is quick.

So, the next time you'’re in the mood for Mexican food, you might want to give Tacoasis a try. If nothing else, it’'s a fun one-time experience that every poor college student should have.

Tacoasis is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and does not accept credit cards.

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