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ISSUE 115 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/12/2002

Marotz shares talents across campus

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, April 12, 2002

Dave Marotz is not your typical nerd-next-door. More often with glasses than without, this reserved, dimpled, 6-foot-tall Cancer enjoys skiing -- both on water and snow -- and getting into trouble with the powers that be. Born in Wisconsin, he got sick of the Midwest after 11 days and made his family move. He's lived most of his life in Phoenix, AZ with his parents, Robert and Mary ('75 and '76), who divorced when he was in eighth grade. They were remarried three years later -- to each other. His younger sister, Carrie, is 16. "We're strongly encouraging her to look at St. Olaf," said Marotz, a third generation Ole. One of his long-term goals is to be a Regent, "and give back to the school; but I need a job to be able to do that." What kind of job? "Ideally it would be with technology and consulting," he mused, "but since my official education is in finance and economics, I'll probably do something with business. Something that involves travel, if I'm lucky." Marotz is already a seasoned traveler. He's been to 16 countries; with his family he visited Australia "and climbed Ayers Rock;" between his freshman and sophomore years he spent six weeks at Cambridge; he was in China for Interim his sophomore year; and for Interim junior year he went on the Mare Balticum trip. An economics major with a management studies concentration, Marotz sounds like he's headed in the right direction. But his experiences at Olaf have been anything but one-track. He is presently on Senate for the Review and Planning Committee as the student representative to "technically the most powerful committee on campus," where faculty meet to deal with salary decisions and the like. Last year he served as the SGA Financial Manager. This year he also served as the Election Chairman counting ballots, working on publicity, arranging forums and "basically all the grunt work," he said. He also has been a financial officer for Alpha Pi Omega, (APO) and was a proxy Financial Manager for the Lion's Pause over Interim. "Now I'm officially a 'financial consultant' for the Pause," he said. "I help them organize their computer programs so they can track revenue ... to help the Pause become a better resource to the students."

Marotz is also responsible for the set up of the Manitou Messenger Online and the Pause Movie Database (both with the help of Cory Dingels), as well as the website. Marotz received a Finstad Grant for the site. Originally it was slated to be, an idea he and a friend from home came up with. "I realized that St. Olaf needed a homepage for students," he explained. "I've probably put over 1000 hours into it ... [possibly] not worth all that work, but it's good experience." Marotz also formed Club SKUNK (Student Computer and User Networking Club). "We will have a server outside the firewall so people can develop stuff [more easily]," he said. So when on earth does the guy have free time? "I don't have enough [free time]," he sighed. Maybe Amy Morrison is taking it all; the two have been dating since first semester of their freshman year. "It's unique because she's an English and art major," Marotz said. "Jaclyn [Patrignani] likes to say that opposites attract, but that's just educational difference. We just get along really well." He added, "I'm sure she gets sick of me ... but I don't get sick of her." When asked for additional stories about his experiences on campus, he chuckled, "I don't have any that wouldn't get me into trouble." Like how his involvement with Stotella ("I didn't write the program, I just helped them create and promote it") scored him a talk with Dean of Students Greg Kneser. Or when he trailed a cable up from the "ghetto" of Hoyme to the fourth floor to get better television reception. "I'm a menace to authority," he joked. "I've gotten yelled at pretty much every year." He claims to be friends with both Dean Kneser and Residence Life Director Pamela Mannebach. His most recent projects include the Assasins game he's working on with Pip Gengenbach, and making it to the Rueb every Monday for free wings. Hopefully at least one of the two will keep him out of trouble.

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