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ISSUE 119 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/14/2005

Carleton student disgusted

By Monica Swinney
Contributing Writer

Friday, October 14, 2005

There are not many situations in which I would find myself – a senior woman at Carleton – writing to the St. Olaf newspaper, but unfortunately one has occurred. Here’s the deal: A friend and I got spat on by a St. Olaf man.

I realize that our two schools have never seemed to get along that well and maybe never will, but that kind of behavior is not acceptable. As we actively perpetuate, try to change or flat-out ignore the differences between our two schools, we must maintain a level of respect, and that is why I am writing this letter.

As you may have guessed, I went to the Cereal Bowl last Saturday and I have to say you guys played very, very well.

A female friend and I decided to leave when it became apparent that Carleton was not going to have the biggest comeback in Northfield history and made it almost out of the parking lot before deciding to watch one more play from the highway.

At the same time, several college-aged guys wearing St. Olaf attire were also leaving the stadium and stopped near us.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m all for a bit of smack talk – I grew up in the South and have certainly heard and done my share of it – but it should be about the game and maybe someone’s mother.

I’ve also heard plenty of people cross the line at sporting events, but I have never in my life heard anyone – regardless of alcohol intake- – speak as offensively as these guys.

We listened as they talked about our “gay house” and the people that live in it in ways that no one should ever speak of another human, regardless of personal stance on the homosexuality issue.

I frankly can’t give more detail, or this article would not be fit to print. Even so, we did not want to say anything to make the situation worse and kept quiet.

After a minute, one of them approached us and my friend said, very quietly, “Hey, maybe you’ve had enough for today and could maybe just go back.” That’s a fair comment, and I can assure you that it was not said belligerently.

The student returned to the circle, told his friends that we didn’t like him, and shortly after, they all decided to go home. When they walked by, someone spat on us.

I had never before been spat on by anyone, nor had I ever seen a man spit on a woman; quite honestly, no other person has ever shown me that much disrespect.

Talking about the quarterback may be questionable, but spitting on two girls is sickening, shameful and in the poorest taste.

St. Olaf is a beautiful school, has an amazingly talented choir and I have really enjoyed periodically visiting your student center and meeting people.

The point is rather that if we continue to dislike each other, let’s do it like real men and women.

Call us what you will and we will do the same to you, but show respect.

This weekend disgusted me like nothing else has for a long time and we are above that kind of behavior on both sides of the river. Do not go so low as to spit on a woman.

Contributing writer Monica Swinney is a Carleton senior from Stillwater, Okla. She majors in history.

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