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ISSUE 115 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/12/2002

Last semester, first encounter

By Erin Piel
Staff Writer

Friday, April 12, 2002

Forty-five. Yup, thats right, thats how many days there are until G-day, Graduation Day, for all you seniors out there in the land of denial. Oh God, oh #@&*! Kind of a scary thought if you ask me. But I think Im handling things rather well. There have been relatively few full-blown panic attacks despite the fact I still dont have a clue as to what Ill be doing next year. Other people I know are handling the pressure in different ways. For example, this past weekend, many people I know spent a large portion of their time with their heads in the toilet. I applaud the efforts of people celebrating with a little bubbly the number of days left until were released into the cold, harsh world. I think Ill be having a little bubbly myself after commencement. One of the most common and timeless ways of dealing with impending graduation is pairing off with the nearest and most agreeable member of the opposite sex and getting married. I like to call this the Senior Scramble. Now, I must admit, that of the people I know who are taking another important walk after May 26, no one is mismatched. And even if they were, this certainly isnt the appropriate venue to air such thoughts. Through my observations and the gossip Im privy to, the way the Senior Scramble has manifested itself with people I know is quick and random hooking up with the most unlikely of partners for a little last-minute nookie during the last semester of college. Honestly, people are getting more booty this semester than the past seven semesters combined. Again, I applaud the effort. However, extreme forms of this Senior Scramble are appearing. Some people dont even know the last name of the person sitting across/on top of them in their dorm rooms. Minor details in the wake of companionship, I suppose. I dont consider myself a prude, but this goes completely against every preconceived notion of Minnesota nice Ive ever had. But looking on the positive side, its inspired a rule of my own: always know the last name of the person youre about to make out with. Ive said it before and Ill say it again: sowing your wild oats in your twenties is the best time to do it -- while youre still young enough to get away with irresponsible and immature acts. After all, who wants to see a 35-year-old, father of two with a beer bong attached to his head, or two middle-aged divorcees going at it in the corner of a bar? Actually, no one ever wants to see that, regardless of age. So seniors, enjoy these last 45 days. Even if youre not a senior, enjoy the last little bit of spring semester and count your lucky stars above youre returning for another year.

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