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ISSUE 119 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/24/2006

Roomdraw nears

By Cassie Clark
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 24, 2006

Room draw takes place in the Sun Room of Buntrock Commons on Saturday, April 22 for special draws and Monday, April 24 for doubles. The date has changed from previous years; room draw used to be on Sunday and Tuesday, but Residence Life moved up the draw to avoid conflict with registration dates.

Draw numbers will be put in each student's P.O. box on April 19. Senior numbers are in the 1000s, juniors in the 2000s, and sophomores in the 3000s.

The numbers are chosen through a computer randomizing system to ensure arbitrariness.

Students who did not pay the $600 deposit by March 17 will draw at the end of their class.

Those students without a roommate can go to the Residence Life office and ask to see the "People Without Roommates" file, or wait at the end of their class to draw a room.

When the day of roomdraw arrives, arrive 10 minutes early and make sure to bring your signed roomdraw slip, as well as the slips of the people with whom you are living. Without all the signed draw slips, you cannot choose a room. Only one person for each group enters the Sun Room and chooses a room.

This year, Director of Residence Life Pamela McDowell found herself working with many students who are unsure of what they want to do for housing.

"I’ve had a lot of students applying for off-campus housing and asking, ‘What if I decided I don’t want to [live off campus]?’" she said. "That’s an issue we’re dealing with now, which is why I wait until April 7 to set the floor designations."

Housing situations are complicated further by study abroad participation.

For instance, McDowell said, if 200 students study abroad during the fall semester and only 100 students study abroad during the spring semester, 100 spaces have to be left open in the fall to accommodate returning students. Otherwise, student housing would become cramped, which is not an appealing option.

“Students who are living in a double rarely like it to become a triple,” McDowell said.

If such a housing crunch happened, “there would be no options for any kind of roommate problems,” McDowell said.

Luckily, these concerns are merely hypothetical.

On the room draw website, students can find information about quiet floors and which residence hall floors are designated for men and women.

As in previous years, all singles, even in suites or pods, cost an additional $1,000 for the year.

The draw is based on seniority – each draw breaks down in order of seniors, seniors and juniors, seniors and sophomores, juniors and juniors, juniors and sophomores and sophomores and sophomores.

McDowell reminded students to participate in the class they are entering, not the class they currently are in.

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