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ISSUE 120 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/27/2006

Letter to the editor

By Letter to the Editor
Contributing Writer

Friday, October 27, 2006

Editors’ Note: This letter, originally sent to Dean Kneser, was submitted to the Messenger by its author to foster discussion in the community.

Dear Dean Kneser,

Today, as my roommate and I were sitting in our room in Mellby, a pamphlet was shoved under our door. It was a campaign advertisement for Ray Cox. While this may not technically be solicitation, I find it equally annoying and unappreciated. It was not simply a campaign advertisement either, it was also an advertisement for three pizza places in town. This joining of advertisement and political vote grubbing is not appreciated in the residence hall.

While I am greatly interested in politics, I would rather hear Mr. Cox speak than have propaganda with pizza on it shoved under my door. After figuring out exactly what had been shoved under my door, I left the room to speak with the man who was papering the building (he resembled Ray Cox), and remind him that solicitation is not allowed in the residence hall. To this he replied that it was not solicitation, and that he had cleared it with the administration.

After being brushed off, I went into my room to write this letter to you and the administration. I hope that in the future campaigning will be reserved for presentations in Buntrock Commons or posters and tables outside the Caf. I do not appreciate my home being invaded by someone too lazy to actually take the time to talk to students about issues.

I would just like to add that while these buildings may seem like dorms or residence halls to those that live outside of St. Olaf, I believe that while we are here they are our homes. I understand the purpose of campaigning, but I believe that slipping things under our doors is impolite and annoying.

However, what truly upset me about this was being brushed off. I do not expect to be brushed off and disrespected while in my dorm by some stranger who wants votes.

I hope that in the future the administration will reconsider letting political candidates take the easy way out while campaigning, rather than actually talking with students. I also hope that candidates will reconsider papering residence halls with propaganda and treat the student body more appropriately by respecting our space and actually speaking to us.

– Christopher Windle ‘09

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