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ISSUE 120 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/3/2006

Letter to the editor

By Letter to the Editor
Contributing Writer

Friday, November 3, 2006

Dear Editor,

In May of 2006 I graduated from St. Olaf. I still live in Northfield and enjoy reading the Messenger to stay in touch with friends. Opening the Oct. 27 Messenger I was angry, appalled and offended. Mr. Windle’s letter attacking my dad, Ray Cox, was uncalled for, unprofessional and full of lies.

For 22 years I have watched my dad rise before 5 a.m. to work at his construction company. When elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2002 he continued to start his day at this early hour, extending it to nearly midnight most evenings. My dad has been an excellent role model for me, but I wish I didn'’t have to share him so often with his constituents. It is obvious that Mr. Windle doesn’'t understand any part of what it takes to be a caring, compassionate state representative like my dad.

Mr. Windle and others should know that my dad has participated in St. Olaf campus functions in excess of 60 times over the past two years. This includes PAC dinners, two class presentations for Professor Sateren, a legislative forum with Professor Hofrenning, a Senate Higher Education Committee presentation and numerous other events. For Mr. Windle to allege that my dad does not work at representing the St. Olaf community is not only insulting, it is not true.

Last week a group of Ole students and my dad distributed a simple piece of campaign literature noting his work for higher education and environmental issues. Not wishing to disturb students, they distributed it during the late afternoon. Mr. Windle and others might like to know that such activity is protected by state law under Minnesota Statute 211B. To deny a candidate access to dormitories is a petty misdemeanor. While Mr. Windle obviously does not support free speech and freedom of expression, I know my dad does. In an effort to make the literature more useful, rather than just see it end up in the recycling bin, he included some handy phone numbers. Always one to try and find ways to do things better and make things last longer, I appreciated Dad’'s 2004 handy pizza phone listings on the back of his literature and expect 2006 Oles will also appreciate it.

Rather than try and stifle free speech, I urge all Oles to get to know my dad. You are represented well in St. Paul by Ray Cox. – Diana Cox ’'06

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