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ISSUE 120 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/14/2007

Letter to the editor

By Letter to the Editor
Contributing Writer

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear Editor,

After reading the latest two letters to the editor, I have been offended. Yes, many alumni read the Manitou Messenger, however, they are not the target audience and never will be. The purpose of a college newspaper and what makes it different from any other news source is that it is written by college students for college students. My favorite articles are the opinions and the sex columns: the ones that more accurately portray the minds of St. Olaf students. St. Olaf is a Christian school, and many Christians believe that it is a sin to have sex out of marriage. I personally have many friends who hold this viewpoint. However, their opinion is not held by the majority of St. Olaf students. I don’'t know the number offhand, but a majority of St. Olaf students consider themselves sexually active. I’'m sure these people enjoy the sex column. I myself am not sexually active, but I learn something, or at least get a laugh out of the column every time I pick up a new copy of the Manitou Messenger. I heard a rumor that the Messenger may discontinue the sex column due to the negative alumni feedback. I would never like to see that happen. Currently, I feel a great happiness when I see that the newspaper racks in Buntrock are newly filled, but if that column were to be taken away, part of that joy from opening the doors coming into the warm, Buntrock after a long two hours of morning classes on that special day that the Messenger prints a new issue, would be dimmed. All I’'m saying is please, please, don’t take that column away!

– Alicia Reuter ‘'10

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