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ISSUE 120 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/9/2007

Party rules

By Executive Editors
Executive Editor

Friday, March 9, 2007

Oles like to party. It’s true, go tell the mayor. Kept in a constant state of repression and denial, Oles freak out when given the opportunity to cut loose. So, when one of our fine collegiate peers goes to a party off-campus and imbibes alcohol, embracing the college student norm of partying hardy and having a good time, they don’t really know what is considered good or bad behavior, because we haven’t had the chance to test the tepid waters of alcohol consumption and partying yet.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it shows that we often choose books over beer, staying in over staying out and that we often heed the rules bestowed upon us by our parents, guardians and administration – but it does create a situation for some party-going faux pas. So, here are some helpful pieces of party-going advice:

Don’t steal beer.

Yes, we understand that you may be already drunk and really want to get more drunk, but it’s not yours. Being “so wasted” doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude. Plus, it just makes people mad and works against the whole Ole to Ole connection that we’ve been working so hard to foster.

If it isn’t your house, don’t trash it.

Someone may not notice your muddy and snowy boots tracking slush on the carpet now, but they will tomorrow. Remember to clean up the things you spill, the messes you make and the food you eat because nothing is a bigger bummer than cleaning up after people you don’t know.

If you’re going to spew, be careful.

Don’t spew on or in anything that can’t be flushed or drained. Outside great, trashcan okay, sofa not good. And if you create the mess, help to clean it up because that kind of stuff is hard to get out the next day.

Don’t have any serious state of the union relationship discussions.

Don’t fight publicly when you and perhaps also your partner are intoxicated. Because you are obviously fighting because you are intoxicated. Neither of you are at the top of your game. You will most likely just make each other mad and begin yelling and that makes things awkward for everyone around you.

Don’t sleep in a bed that isn’t yours.

Coming back to your bedroom after a fun night will quickly get soured if you find a passed-out body in your bed. Have the common courtesy of finding a safe and reliable way home.

No one wants to see you naked.

Don’t get naked unless everybody else is. If you’re at a naked party, by all means, go crazy. Or perhaps the party is planning to streak through the quad, more power to you. But if a group of 20 people are gathered quietly and discussing world issues, keep those pants on.

Being young and drunk doesn’t give us excuses to ignore social responsibilities. Remember, we’re not only representing ourselves, but we are also representing our friends and our school, and we don’t need to give Carleton one more reason to poke fun at our expense.

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