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ISSUE 120 VOL 20 PUBLISHED 5/4/2007

A Word from Our Editors: Finals fun

By Matt Tiano
Executive Editor
and Peter Farrell
Executive Editor

Friday, May 4, 2007

Finally, after months buried in snow and slush, the weather has turned. The sun is shining on a regular basis, students are reading books on those goofy adirondack chairs and St. Olaf's most inspirational sport, campus golf, is in full swing.

Unfortunately, it's also the time of year when Oles are dealing with their most stressful workloads. Finals are fast approaching, and, as a result, time that should be spent outside is often spent cooped up in the library instead.

But with this all this great weather, it would be an absolute tragedy to sacrifice your time in the sun in order to pour over your well-worn copy of Descartes' Meditations. Besides, the warm weather has also warmed up the hearts (or loins) of people all over campus. Based on purely anecdotal evidence, relationships are on their way out, and the summer fling is on its way in. Here's our guide to maximizing your merriment in these sunny (but stressful) times.

1. Fishing: If you've ever been to downtown Northfield on a nice summer day, then you've surely seen people fishing in the Cannon River. We're not exactly sure if people actually catch fish, but we're also not sure if that really matters. Most of the people that spend their time combing the Cannon for catches are there because they enjoy doing nothing. Take an afternoon and try it out; you might enjoy it too.

2. Tiny's midnight hot dogs: Anyone that's ever spent time wandering the streets of Northfield on a weekend knows that there's really only one place to eat in the wee hours of the morning: Tiny's Hot Dogs. A Northfield institution, Tiny's arguably serves the best beef in town, and they definitely serve the best pork in town after midnight. You also get to enjoy the company of other late night Northfield nomads.

3. Wednesday nights at the Dome: Although Twins enthusiasts are still unfamiliar with outdoor baseball, there is still something comfortable and homey about Minneapolis' infamous all-purpose sports facility. Whether it's Wally the Beer Man's smile or the sound of ball on bat, the Dome has not collapsed yet. Catch a Major League game on Wednesday when students are half-price ($3) and hot dogs are only $1, the cheapest game-day outing in all of baseball.

4. Hoyme Beach: There aren't exactly too many places to go swimming around these parts. Sure, you can head down to Tostrud and jump in the pool, but everyone who swims there takes themselves so seriously. If you want a real beach experience, don't head to the water, head to Hoyme. The hill behind St. Olaf's most talked about dorm is usually chock full of people that are either talking, tanning, playing guitar, or tossing frisbees.

5. Head to Carleton: Carls are not nearly as busy as we are right now, and, accordingly, not nearly as stressed. Take the Love Bus over to Carleton and try to make some new friends or go to one of those infamous "island" parties.

Of course, this list is only a small sampling of all the exciting ways to waste time in the warm weather. Take advantage of our town and our Cities while avoiding stir-craziness in the library.

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