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ISSUE 121 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/12/2007

Sex on the Hill: Love your body

By Rumor Has It
News Editor

Friday, October 12, 2007

For most on the St. Olaf campus, the middle of October means midterms, fall break and the end of the beautiful fall foliage. For me, it is a happy time; I help plan and celebrate Love Your Body Day on Oct. 18. This day promotes body acceptance, no matter what size, shape, color, etc. you happen to be. Imagine my recent dismay, then, as I stumbled on an article in a back-issue of a popular beauty magazine that attacks positive body image at a most vulnerable time: the sack session.

This particular article was chock-full of tips to make you look better in bed right now, without the normal "eat right and exercise" dogma (which, of course, is very important for a healthy body and healthy life). Some of my personal favorites were: lying on your back or stomach so that your belly fat is not obvious, women bringing their arms towards their body mid-line in order to scrunch their breasts together for maximum cleavage, body makeup tips and practicing your o-face in a mirror so that it isn't ugly when you do it during sex!

I found this article so… wrong. Have we really taken body obsession to such heights that we can't even escape them when we're on the quest for the mind-blowing orgasm? The media portrays a very specific image as normal and therefore acceptable to our fair society. I always thought (naively, I suppose) that the media was only interested in making the vast majority of us feel bad about ourselves for the sake of selling something. Nothing was being sold in this article; its sole purpose was to perpetuate the belief that we can never escape the watchful eyes of the media and that our worth as human beings is constantly being judged based on our appearance -- even at the most vulnerable and unexpected times.

I figure that if you have made it into bed with someone, you have already paid your dues to the beauty ideals and the primping gods or goddesses. Your partner should already know that you're a hot piece -- and that you aren't going to be much bigger or smaller when the clothing comes off. Also, most people are probably too caught up in the moment to notice that one calf is bigger than the other or that you might have been "enhanced" on the date by a more wonderful Wonder Bra.

Worrying about how you look when partaking in booty plundering is also detrimental to your possibilities for pleasure. Perhaps that position you are avoiding because your partner would be able to see your love handles is the position that would give you the most intense orgasm you've ever experienced. Maybe worrying that your o-face is "ugly" is distracting you and keeping you from getting to feel the full extent of your orgasm - or worse, getting there at all. Distractions during sex at least lengthen the time it takes to orgasm and can even make one impossible.

Comedian Margaret Cho said "I am ugly when I [insert four-letter euphemism for sex]. If the person I'm [insert it again]ing is worried about how I look while they're [and again]ing me, they probably shouldn't be [oh baby, once more]ing me." While perhaps vulgar, Cho makes a very good point. If you are so self-conscious during sex because you know that your partner is going to be judging you while you make love, you might want to consider finding someone who will love all of you - even what you consider to be your physical flaws. Your body is your temple; only let in people who will worship it (and yes, there are people out there waiting to be converted regardless of your body type).

So this year, why don't you celebrate Love Your Body Day by letting yourself enjoy sex in ways you never thought you could? Let your "problem areas" jiggle and relish in the sensations that arise from their new freedom! Make Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde envious because of the face contortions you are rocking as you climax!

The point of sex for most college students is pleasure, intimacy and fun. By realizing that you are perfectly fine just the way you are, you maximize your opportunities for pleasure and for fun in bed as well as in life. So go ahead, embrace that Righty is not the same size as Lefty, love your curves and appreciate the complexity of that mole on your hip. Use this newfound love of yourself to love others, and don't hesitate the next time you find yourself in a sexy situation to jiggle your way to bliss.

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