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ISSUE 115 VOL 21 PUBLISHED 5/10/2002

Patrignani brings balance

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, May 10, 2002

She loves you all, youre lovely, even if this isnt a motley crew. She knows what shes doing, and if shes not there already, shes on her way. She is Jaclyn Anne Patrignani, vice president of Student Government Association, Religion major with an emphasis in Middle Eastern studies and finally, a senior. Each bit of the opening sentences constitutes a part of her trademark dialogue ¬¬¬ a surprising predictability for this spontaneous yet sophisticated lady. Just when I think I have Jaclyn figured out, when I think there is nothing else I can know about her, she does something to completely surprise me, said long-time friend Pip Gengenbach 02. Patrignani (or Jac, Jacko, Jacalina, JackieJac, Patrigna, Supernani, Madam Chair, or love of my life to Nick Wallace) was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She has a twin Rachel who attends Kenyon College. The girls have a younger brother, Justin, who is coming to St. Olaf next year, she said. And, who has the same Patrignani good looks, commented Wallace. The family is Italian and Polish, so she makes a great pierogie, said Wallace. Patrignanis blue eyes just twinkled. They misted, however, when she added, I just lost my Grampy. The wake and funeral brought Jac back to Buffalo for a week in mid-March. He was exceptionally important to me. Also important to Jaclyn is her future. She really wants to empower people, especially women. She wants to build a better world, said Wallace. One community at a time. Integral to this desire was her experience in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan last summer as an intern for the Federation for International Community Assistance. There she worked with the micro-lending company conducting research on how to harness the natural resources of the country. If they decide in the next year to use hydroelectric power, they will utilize her research. Then she can say, I helped bring electricity to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan. She has plans to get her masters from the University of Minnesota, most likely in comparative and international development education. She also wants to adopt lots of kids further down the line, and at least one will probably be international. She fell in love with a little boy in Morocco, explained Wallace. Patrignani saw Morocco while participating in the Term in the Middle East, fall semester of 2000. She also went to Greece for her sophomore interim, as well as Paris and England, when her sister studied abroad. She loves traveling; she also loves bar-b-que tofu from the caf, The Great Gatsby, and naps. Dear God I love naps, she exclaimed. Naps can sometimes be the reason to get up in the morning. She also gets up in the morning when she receives a wake-up call from best friend Wallace, when all he says is Whom do I love? The love affair began when they were freshmen. Originally she scared me. I was intimidated by her power and glory, admitted Wallace. But her power intoxicated me. Finally I was like, you gotsta make love, not war. And the rest is history. He then launched into a variation of Youre the one that I want, from Grease. I had chills, they were multiplying… Patrignani simply laughed and said, Its so true! Patrignani was a top-notch rower in high school; the crew team gave her that luscious body, said Wallace. She is also a world class cellist, he reminded her. She played for the St. Olaf Philharmonia as a first-year, but gave it up to pursue other things. Her roommate, Amy Stanley 02 (for the third year), is the ego to her id, said Wallace, the yin to her yang, which is great, because Patrignani is all about balance. I just want everyone to be happy, she said.

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