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ISSUE 115 VOL 21 PUBLISHED 5/10/2002

Teigland leaves more than his mark

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, May 10, 2002

Ten years from now, you may find yourself reading a brilliant entertainment article by Jonathan Teigland ‘02. Described by his friends as everything from consistent to spontaneous, Teigland is a treasure to all who know him. Teigland will graduate with an English major this year. His long-time friend Joshua Shih writes, “Jonathan knew that he would be a college English major in high school, and that didn't waver one bit. Consistency has always been a constant with him.” In addition to being an avid reader and lover of literature, he is also an excellent entertainment writer, featured weekly in Varietys Critics Corner. From classical literature to modern pop culture, Teigland is a fountain of knowledge. Jonathan's sharp and vast knowledge of movies and television, classic and contemporary, is nothing new, Shih said. Even as early as high school, he aspired to be a movie or television critic; of course, he was later able to exercise this talent for the Mess. Teigland not only contributed to the Messenger through his professional writing and editing; his sense of humor and kindness warm the Mess office. Erin Piel 02 adds, any entertainment question you have, he knows the answer to. And if he doesn't know it off of the top of his head, he'll whip out his little entertainment book and look it up for you, right there on the spot Teigland has a deep-rooted love for the arts, presented fully in his adoration for film and participation in on-campus musical groups. He has written clever and insightful movie reviews for nearly three years and sees at least one movie per weekend. As for his amateur music interest, Teigland has participated in St. Olaf choirs for his entire college career. He sang in Chapel Choir for two years. Erin Piel writes, he has a phobia of singing and dancing in front of people, even though he's a member of choir for four years. A sweet and kindred musical spirit, Teigland has been active in music since high school. Jonathan has always been involved with music as long as I have known him, Shih reminisced. He was a member of both the orchestra and the band in the ninth grade and later decided to play exclusively in the band from tenth grade on. Unfortunately, St. Olaf has never known Teiglands theatrical talent. Shih continued, His artistic and creative ability, though, were not limited to music; in the twelfth grade, he played important characters in several plays. Who would have known that such a mild-mannered man would be the star of his high school theater program? On stage, you almost couldn't tell it was him who was out there; he transformed into his roles convincingly, so much so that you almost forgot that that was the mild-mannered, pleasant guy you saw every day in the halls on stage, Shih said. Equally important to Teigland is time with his friends. He is known as one of the kindest people around. Lindsey Litwiller writes, Jonathan is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He is compassionate, fun, and overall a great friend! Dont be deceived by Teiglands mellow outlook; he loves to have fun, too. "He can always make you laugh, whether he's eating his treasured New Orleans hot nuts (spicy peanuts) or sucking the cheese out of a combo. He's just a fun person to keep around, writes Piel. Perhaps most revealing of Teiglands exceptional character is a memory from Litwiller. I will never forget the time we walked to town when Jonathan had the flu, she said. It was in the dead of winter and we were in an ice storm, but were so desperate to get off campus that we walked anyway. After going to a movie at the Southgate Cinema, we walked back to More 4 to catch the bus back to campus. Well, the bus had stopped driving for the night, so we got stranded at the grocery store for over 2 hours. Jonathan kept his humor about him the entire time even though he was so sick. I still can't believe we dragged him out when he had the flu. Anyone who has worked with Jonathan can see him doing this for anyone. Erin Piel confirmed the sentiment. "Jonathan is one of the nicest, selfless people I know. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to know him here and it's a friendship I'll always remember when I think of college." He is a St. Olaf presence who will be sorely missed.

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