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ISSUE 121 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/2/2007

Directors tune KSTO

By Aaron Heidgerken
Contributing Writer
and Andrew Rollins
Contributing Writer

Friday, November 2, 2007

As the directors of KSTO, the St. Olaf radio station, we have to admit that it is hard to not be biased. When you spend upwards of 10 hours a week working for a job that pays not with peanuts but with indie music, of course you want it to succeed.

Admittedly, over the past several years, promotions for the station have fallen by the wayside. It has become so bad that by the beginning of this year, some senior members of our Residence Life staff were completely unaware that our station even existed.

However, I assure you, our radio station does exist. We are working hard to amend these tragedies, but this is not an easy task.

One of the biggest obstacles we've had to overcome is the station's pathetically weak broadcast signal.

As many of you know and have often complained about, the signal is hard, if not impossible, to get in most of the residence halls, let alone to get off campus. This has made it hard for casual listeners to tune in to our shows.

However, we've fixed this problem by broadcasting online at

In addition to streaming audio online, we have a new computer system, turntables, iPod hook-ups and a knowledgeable, dedicated staff. Our most prized asset, however, are our DJs, the people who actually put our music on the air. This year, over 50 individuals, whether in groups or alone, signed up for radio shows.

We've also made quality KSTO T-shirts featuring the KSTO polar bear that we sell for $5 per shirt (you may have seen us outside Stav Hall or Buntrock Commons selling them). The word is out that KSTO exists, and people are starting to take notice. But the question still remains: why listen to KSTO radio? Here are some reasons:

1) Good music: We let our DJs play what they want, and they have a massive music library to choose from (and the library is growing by the day). Thanks to our new technology system, we have over 20,000 songs. Our music directors work hard to ensure that the best music is made available soon after it is received (and we receive most music before its retail release date).

2) Accessibility: Thanks to the new webcast and audio streaming on our website, you no longer have to mess with analog radio to tune in (but if you prefer to be retro, go ahead). Now people from all around the world can tune in to the best of college radio; you can listen to KSTO even when studying abroad – all you need is an Internet connection.

3) T-Shirts: Did I mention the T-shirts? With the polar bear? Pink, yellow, green, blue and black? Get them while they're hot. They're $5 – as much as a Domino's pizza – but with fewer calories. We table in front of Stav quite often, and you can always check in at the station during our music directors' office hours if you really want one.

4) Music Directors: We have several highly educated, quite jovial music directors. From metal to jazz to world to alternative to hip-hop, the directors know their music (check them out on our website under "staff"). Visit them during their office hours to chat about the station's tunes, inquire about hosting a show, buy a T-shirt, etc.

5) You: Don't forget, you were Time Magazine's Person of the Year last year. This station wouldn't survive without the dedicated students who keep it going. From staff members to DJs to listeners, every person counts. So keep up the good work and tell your friends about KSTO and the beauties of music.

Not only do we play music all the time, we also sponsor dances and free concerts (for example, Monday's excellent Tartufi concert in the Pause).

Throughout the year, you'll see us around, plugging the station, selling T-shirts and playing music.

So when you are forced to choose between iTunes or KSTO, choose KSTO, and we promise you will hear something new almost every time.

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