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ISSUE 121 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/16/2007

'Battlestar' movie anticipated

By David Henke
Variety Editor
and April Wright
Variety Editor

Friday, November 16, 2007

If you're a sci-fi fan, 2003 was an epic year. "Battlestar Galactica," a series that was previously recalled only in fond memories of so-called sick days spent watching the Sci-Fi Channel, exploded back onto the scene. After the re-imagined series made its debut with a three-hour miniseries, the Sci-Fi Channel responded to the show's popularity by adding a "Battlestar Galactica" (a.k.a. BSG) television series to its Wednesday night line-up.

For those of you who haven't checked out the show yet, BSG is a sci-fi drama. In the show, a surprise attack on the 12 human colonies by a group of humanoid robots, the Cylons, leaves the survivors homeless and wandering the galaxy, searching for the long-lost thirteenth colony - Earth.

Gaining popularity due to its intelligent content and sharp political commentary, BSG quickly became one of the highest rated shows to ever air on the Sci-Fi Channel. Time Magazine and New York Newsday named it the Best Television Show of 2005. Rolling Stone and the New York Times both applauded the show's socio-political relevance and originality.

And that's why we're so stoked for the premier of "Razor," the made-for-TV BSG movie. The movie will hit airwaves on Saturday, Nov. 24, and will be released on DVD 10 days later.

"Razor" will chronicle the story surrounding the Battlestar Pegasus, a ship that was lost and assumed destroyed following the Cylon attack on the colony of Caprica in the miniseries. The ship wasn't actually destroyed, and spent several months struggling for survival before being reunited with the rest of the fleet during the second season. Previously, the audience didn't know much about the events that took place on board of Pegasus.

The movie will be framed as a series of flashbacks from the perspective of Kendra Shaw, a former Pegasus lieutenant. Portrayed by Stephanie Chavez-Jacobsen, Shaw will recount the horrors endured by the crew under the leadership of Admiral Helena Cain. Cain, played by Michelle Forbes, successfully saves the Pegasus from attacks by justifying suicidal battle tactics.

Although we're both rabid fans of BSG, we've got some bones to pick with this movie. In the Sci-Fi Channel previews, it appears that the writing during several seminal moments borders on clichéd and goofy to the point where even BSG's normally superb actors have a hard time carrying their parts. Even if the writing seems a little forced, we're looking forward to this film. Firstly, it's part of the BSG franchise, which automatically gives it a thumbs-up in our book, especially since we're stuck between seasons. Secondly, what we've seen so far of the Pegasus story arc has been promising. We're looking forward to getting some gaps in our knowledge filled in.

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