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ISSUE 121 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/22/2008

Positions offered in Pause programs

By Monica Southworth
Staff Writer

Friday, February 22, 2008

At its meeting Tuesday, SGA's Student Senate approved a proposal for the creation of the Music Entertainment Committee, a new branch of student government.

The MEC will replace the current concert chair associated with the Pause, and the team will oversee music programming on campus such as concerts, Lutefest, and Fall Concert.

The discussion for the establishment of the new branch has been ongoing, but was more seriously considered after this year's Fall Concert.

The concert chair is currently a single work-study position within the Pause, managing a budget over $70,000.

The new MEC will help to divide the work among a committee, potentially improving current programming, transparency and accountability to the student body.

"We've been watching [concert chair's] struggle. There's a lot of pressure on one individual, and it's too much," said Kris Vatter, director of student activities. "This position is not looked at as a leadership position and that's what we're trying to establish. I'm glad this issue has finally come to light."

During Tuesday's Senate meeting, concerns of undermining the Pause's role in SGA were expressed. Yet, leadership of both the Pause and SGA confirmed that representation from the Pause would still fully exist in SGA and it would continue as normal.

"[The proposal] is an excellent set up," said Pause co-coordinator Justin Heebsh '08. "It's well-written and well-structured. We don't necessarily need to change if the problems could be fixed internally, but if the organization feels there needs to be a change, this is the best way possible." He also noted that a majority of the Pause executive team stood behind this proposal.

Heebsh continued saying that the new committee would take a lot of summer commitments off of one student, as the Concert Chair position has had in the past.

"This will change the way fall concert is done. President Hauger did a lot of good work and a spent a lot of time deliberating and communicating with the Pause and previous concert chairs to find a fair balance," Heebsh said.

SGA President Tyler Hauger '08, the author of the proposal, spent a lot of time working with previous concert chairs, other schools with similar committees and current Pause leadership when developing the proposal of the MEC.

"We spent a lot of time working and thinking about this, and what has emerged is a solid balance between how we have done things in the past and how we can best serve the student body," Hauger said.

The MEC executive committee will consist of the elected coordinator along with an appointed leadership team.

Through an application and interview process, the MEC coordinator will select its members. There will be a local and regional talent scout in charge of researching and recruiting campus bands, Northfield bands, bands from the Twin Cities and coordinate off-campus events to concerts in the surrounding area. The national talent scout will primarily be in charge of researching national bands and artists. A special events coordinator will plan music events beyond the concert programming and working with SAC in joint programming efforts.

The MEC Coordinator will sit on both Senate and SGA executive committee and will be open for election this spring, taking effect for the following 08-09 year.Election materials for the upcoming elections will be available beginning Saturday March 1 and due on March 6. Elections will be held March 19.

This year's elections will be for President and Vice President, SAC, PAC, Volunteer Network, DCC, SOC, BORSC, SAA, MEC, and The Pause Co-Coordinators.

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