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ISSUE 121 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/29/2008

BORSC presents

By Ida Holdahl
Contributing Writer

Friday, February 29, 2008

This past Thursday, the Board of Regents Student Committee met with the Board of Regents during the Board's visit to campus. BORSC, which serves as the liaison between the Student Government Association and the Board of Regents, includes the Board of Regents student observer Magdalena Wells '08 as well as representatives from each of the respective classes and public relations members.

By preparing reports for the Board of Regents Student Affairs committee as they did this week, they hope to serve as a catalyst for change while promoting the best interests of the school.

The first report presented to the board related to a committee evaluation that was conducted over interim. Prepared by David Hlebain '09, Nick Fedje Rasmus '10, Carl Samuelson '08, Sam Sickbert '11 and Kate Hagen '09, the report induced thoughtful conversation between the BORSC and the Board.

"We were interested in exploring how we could better serve the Board and how we could better serve the student body in our role as liaison," Wells said.

The conversation with the Board seemed to be very positive, after which Wells commented, "The Board is clearly eager to strengthen and develop their relationship with the BORSC."

She speculates the result of the conversation will result in "more informational reports that give the Regents a clear sense of day-to-day life on the Hill."

The second report pertained to student health. By using data from the 2007 St. Olaf health survey, Alissa Broz '08, Diana Baetscher '09 and Kirby Norris '10 looked at how St. Olaf students spend their time compared to students nationwide.

The specifics of the report included "the number of hours spent volunteering, working, sleeping, prevalent illnesses and other challenges that students deal with," Wells reported.

The meeting concluded with a special DVD prepared by committee members to thank the Regents for their donations to the new science center.

"Their incredible generous donations to the new science center totaled about 65 percent of the grand total," Wells said.

The DVD, constructed by Marcus Mittelsteadt '10, Nick Fedje Rasmus '10, Katie Swanson '09 and Tom Fewer '11, included interviews of more than 60 students about why they are excited for the new building.

President David R. Anderson '74 announced earlier this week that the science center campaign goal of $33 million had been met. "The tremendous outpouring of support for the science campaign shows the depth of commitment by alumni, faculty and staff, and friends to the educational needs of our students," he said.

Also, during the meeting this week, it was announced that the new science center will be named the Regent's Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The name, proposed by the math and science faculty, seems fitting. "[The Board] did personally donate 21 of the 33 million [dollars]," Wells said.

With the Science Center Campaign complete, the Board and the administration will be able to shift their focus to other areas, including the future of residence halls, which Wells reports was discussed in the Student Life committee meeting. However, Wells, who mediates and facilitates the work of the committee, noted that "the biggest topic of discussion at the meeting was the cost of tuition and room and board next year."

The decision of the Board is to be announced in the coming weeks by the president.

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