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ISSUE 115 VOL 21 PUBLISHED 5/10/2002

Bush set to defend American interests in Iraq

By Mike Cassano
Sports Editor

Friday, May 10, 2002

Hopefully the “bubble” effect of the St. Olaf community hasn’t isolated you entirely from what is going on in our world today. Emphasis is on “hopefully.” Let’s have a show of hands: How many of you are aware that we are on the brink of war? It’s true. The United States is just a phone call away from what could be the most sophisticated war this planet has ever seen. Missiles will fly through the air, tanks will rumble across barren deserts, and F-16s will scream through the sky, all in the name of democracy. And you know what? I’m all for it. By now you must have guessed the nature of the war in question. I’m talking about the United States’ pending decision to take arms against the nation of Iraq and, more importantly, its leader, Saddam Hussein. Recently, President Bush has been pushing other powerful nations to join America in an alliance against Hussein and his army. However, the President has failed to gain the support he was looking for. That’s not right. Other countries of the world need to jump on board. Consider the following: China , 1938: Japan ravages the countryside, threatening China’s large cities and most major populated areas. Japanese soldiers are ordered to kill as many Chinese as they can find. Resistance is largely ineffectual. Who do you think came to the Chinese’s rescue? What nation do you think bailed them out of a lifetime of horror and servitude? The United States. But will they show their support for our President as he tries to rid the world of evil? The answer is no. Great way to say thanks, huh? France, 1941: Hitler smashes French resistance and storms his army through Paris. French leaders flee to neighboring countries in fear of their lives. Who is there to rescue a nation in distress? Within two years all of Europe is freed from the clutches of tyranny. Now consider Canada. For years, we have been trading with our northern neighbors, and have allowed an open border for commerce and shipping traffic. They even sent their best troops to fight side-by-side with the American Marines in Afghanistan. But just a few days ago Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and President Bush had a meeting, during which the Canadian leader professed he cannot find evidence to point Canada in a military campaign against Iraq. Can’t find evidence? How about the Iraqi manufacture of biological weapons? I would think that evidence would be good enough for anyone. On a smaller scale, imagine your neighbor is producing cocaine in his basement. Would that be sufficient cause to call the police? (I don’t know about you, but) I’d like to keep my neighborhood free from the problems that come along with illegal drugs. The same metaphor applies to weapons of mass destruction. But in the case of biological or chemical warfare, the danger is greater than just a few addicts smoking up. We are facing the possible annihilation of a nation or race. Bush understands the threat Iraq poses. It is a danger not only to America, but to all the nations of the Middle East. He understands that action must be taken now or things will get out of control. And why shouldn’t we act? Why not roll up on Hussein with about 75,000 Marines, knock on his door, and find out just what kind of germs he is cooking up? In the worst-case scenario, Hussein puts up another 11-day fight, and we get what we want. President Bush is doing the right thing in pushing for war against Iraq. Look what happened when no one stopped Hitler in the 1930’s. By not supporting America, China and Canada are simply adding denial to our laundry list of problems. Just ask Britain and France how that worked for them 60 years ago. In order to win this year, we need the support of other countries: an international coalition. It is ridiculous to think that our own allies won’t join in a fight when our sovereignty is jeopardized. Because, in the end, Hussein is putting the sovereignty of all nations at risk. It is a major problem facing today’s leaders, and right now only one is brave enough to stand up and fight.

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