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ISSUE 121 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/2/2008

Dancers perform student, faculty pieces

By Jennifer Berghs
Contributing Writer

Friday, May 2, 2008

The dance department's annual Spring Concert will feature an equal balance of faculty and student work on May 1, 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Kelsey Theatre.

The concert opens with professor Janice Roberts' piece, "Tracings." To construct her piece for this year's concert, Roberts enlisted the help of her dancers. Roberts separated her dancers into two groups and had them trace out a map of patterns on a piece of paper and then exchanged them with the other group for them to translate into a floor pattern with spatial pathways and torso movement. Roberts refers to this process as "mapping." She was also inspired by Ann Cooper Albright, a professor of dance at Oberlin College: "This act of Tracing can help us become aware not only of what's visible, but also what is, has been, will always be, less clearnly visible."

Artist in Residence Anthony Roberts collaborated with his dancers to create "Peace Piece." Anthony's piece began over a year ago with an exploration of movement that morphed into the idea of exploring all aspects of peace.

"Peace Piece represents an on going tug of war between some of my thoughts and feelings concerning peace," he said.

Over the course of this year, two guest artists have come to St. Olaf to set their choreography on St. Olaf dancers. Keith Johnson set "At Last It's Clear" on St. Olaf dancers during his week-long residency. Brad Garner, the second guest artist, started his residency as soon as second semester started. His piece, "Until Further Notice," deals with deconstruction. This year's concert will also feature six works from this semester's Advanced Choreography class.

The soloist are as follows: Taylor Carvey '09, whose work deals with gesturally motivated movement; Tim Rehborg '08, who constructed his study on the basis of concealing the movement as if it was a secret; Brianna Johnson '10, who was inspired to create her solo after seeing a series of paintings about the oppression of the African community in Ecuador while she was abroad; Jake Schlichting '09, who was inspired by origami; and, finally, Christine Coleman '08, who let her iPod pick what song she would create her solo around. There will also be one group piece choreographed by Tim Rehborg '08, which deals with the individual's place in today's globalized society and involves spoken word and visual art.

With an equal balance between faculty and student work, this year's concert is shaping up to pack quite a wallop for its audience. Not only will it feature creativity from those who have seen, but it will also present a new, fresh perspective on the art of dance from our very own St. Olaf students.

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