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ISSUE 121 VOL 20 PUBLISHED 5/9/2008

Alumni donations celebrate

By Monica Southworth
News Editor

Friday, May 9, 2008

This year's Philanthropy Week focused on bringing attention to the Honor Houses, Volunteer Network and the Senior Giving Campaign. The purpose of the week, sponsored by Student Alumni Association, was to bring awareness to the idea of philanthropy.

"Philanthropy is very important to our school, and people take it for granted," Anne Steeves '10 said. "The little things like the shower heads, the beds we sleep on, and the cleaning supplies are bought with the money that the alumni give."

The theme of the week focused around the graphic used on the posters. The picture has two hands, one with a lock and another with a money sign. Steeves explained that the dollar sign represents money given through philanthropy, and the clock represents the time given through volunteer work.

"We want people to understand that philanthropy is not just about the money people give, it's more about giving your time," Steeves said.

On Monday, donuts were provided on Buntrock Plaza during chapel time. On Tuesday, the SAA put Philanthropy Week stickers on coffee sleeves and Pause pizza boxes. A total of 288 donuts were given out to students on Monday.

"We know that we reached out to at least 288 students," Steeves said. On Wednesday, SAA hosted a Partners Connect-a-thon from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Buntrock Crossroads. SAA set up a space in crossroads where students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to call alumni or write letters, encouraging them to give to the college, at the same time, there was a Philanthropy Expose Ice Cream Social. That same day, the Honor Houses, Senior Giving Campaign and VN executive committee spoke about how philanthropy plays a part in their work.

On Thursday, SAA filled a jar fully of jellybeans; the number of jellybeans in the jar represented the number of alumni who gave to the college last year. The person who guesses the number of beans correctly wins a gift card to Target.

On Friday, SAA is encouraging students to "Pay it Forward," by giving Friday Flowers in random student P.O. boxes. Students can also nominate their friends by putting slips in a collection box.

Throughout the entire week, students have had the opportunity their own definition of Philanthropy to write down.

"People are confused about the definition of philanthropy, and we're just trying to raise awareness," Steeves said. "Even one of the Bon Appetit workers asked me what Philanthropy Week was about. It's important that people understand what it's all about."

SAA also highlighted different ways that students can give back to their communities through volunteering. By highlighting the different honor houses, the Volunteer Network and the senior giving campaign, SAA is encouraging students to get involved.

In the fall, the SAA is looking to increase attendance at all the events by reworking some of the program. They're also planning on working with the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) to network with alumni.

"Alumni really do appreciate what we do, and they're always looking for a reason to come back to campus," Steeves said. "We're hoping to have a service event with Alumni and students in Northfield during Homecoming Weekend."

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